The practice of self-hypnosis is not a modern age technique and as you should know by now, it has in fact been around since the early 1900’s. The origin of selfhypnosis can be traced back to France to the French psychologist and pharmacist named Emile Coue who had made popular the technique of conscious autosuggestion.

This method was also referred to as Coueism or the Coue Method.

For practicing this method it was essential that the patient would have to repeat a phrase on a daily basis, both in the morning and evening. This phrase was more like a mantra that had to be chanted and was about getting better in every possible way on a daily basis.

The healing power that was channeled from this method was because of Emile Coue’s belief that the only manner in which you can cure or get rid of the troubles (both physical and emotional) that bother you is by making changes to the unconscious thought process that goes on by making use of imagination. The subconscious mind has got a lot of influence when it comes to the manner in which you perceive the world and even yourself.

The one thing that everyone is not aware of is that the visualization techniques that are prescribed by Coue were most effective when said in a state of trance. This is because unless and until you are able to bypass your conscious mind, all the visualizations and affirmations won’t really do you any good.

Your subconscious has the power to store even the minutest of details and especially those thoughts that resonate with you deeply tend to go into a never ending loop deep within your subconscious. This is the reason why the use of visualization techniques while practicing self-hypnosis can have such brilliant results especially when it is about strengthening your unconscious beliefs. Consequently, what this does is that your subconscious keeps reinforcing the new desirable thoughts involuntarily and you start believing them.

The miraculous thing about this is if you keep telling yourself over and over again that you indeed are capable of achieving your goals and stop listening to all the negative thoughts that you might harbor about yourself, you are giving yourself the freedom to imagine what it would feel like to experience the success of all your efforts. If you start believing that you are capable of achieving whatever you put your mind to, then you indeed will be able to.

This plants the much-needed seed to help in developing belief in your own self that is a requirement to succeed. Unless you believe in yourself and your abilities, no one else will. If you really want to practice self hypnosis through visualization but really aren’t sure how to go about it or you just want to make better the process of self hypnosis, there here are some simple and easy tricks that will help transport yourself into a powerful trance of self hypnosis.

Tip#1: Make use of guided imagery

Does it make you happy when you are visualizing yourself on a tropical beach or when you are curled up in a blanket in front of a fireplace on a cold day? Do these visualizations make you feel relaxed or would you rather prefer visualizing yourself getting a promotion at work? Whatever it is that makes you feel happy or elated, don’t just stop after you have visualized the location or the ideal scenario, you need to take your visualization a step ahead and imagine the scenario as a whole, what it looks like, what it makes you feel, and any sounds or smells as well. Let your visualization be as detailed as possible. You need to visualize a scenario that would have the strongest possible impact on your subconscious. For instance let us think of a development where you are imagining that you are eating a slice of your favorite chocolate cake. You need to make this situation as detailed as possible. Imagine that you are taking a bite of the sinfully rich chocolate cake; the texture of the cake is luxurious and smooth. The cake is soft and moist and the ganache is made of rich dark chocolate and the raspberries that are popping out in between the mouthful of rich chocolate tingles your taste buds with their sourness. The piece of chocolate cake just melts in your mouth. So, this visualization makes your mouth salivate, doesn’t it? In the same manner you will need to make your visualization as detailed as possible if you want to truly stimulate your senses. Let your mind fine tune your visualizations. When you are able to visualize the smallest of details it enables your mind and at times even your body to experience that scenarios and this will ensure that your process of self-hypnosis is much deeper.

Tipe#2: Visualize how you feel

You can make use of guided imagery and begin to visualize not just the scenario but also the feeling that you would experience when you are in that situation at the specific moment. For instance, if you want to feel confident in any given situation that usually tends to make you nervous or causes your nerves to rocket off the Richter scale, then you will have to start by visualizing yourself in that place at the specific time. If doing this makes you feel anxious, then take a few deep breaths and stabilize yourself. With every breath that you exhale, get rid of all the unnecessary tension till the point where you have started to feel familiar with the situation. You need to imagine yourself as being completely relaxed and free of any anxiety. Even if you feel any nervousness, think of it as an opportunity to overcome any remnant fear. Visualize yourself as being calm and slowly let go of all the tension. Keep repeating this exercise on a daily basis before the event and even if you start feeling nervous on the day of the event, you will be able to transport yourself back into a calm state of being.

Tip#3: Don’t give up on faith

Once you are able to visualize the desired feeling, you will have to believe it and don’t get judgmental of it. It is fine to doubt yourself at times, but don’t pay much heed to them. Acknowledge the self-doubt and let it pass you by; don’t waste any time pondering over it. One manner in which you can make your visualizations more believable is by making them seem as real as possible. You need to feel at peace if you want to be confident about any given situation. So, visualize that you are experiencing that moment to make it more believable.

Tip#4: Practice is the key to perfection

As is the case with almost anything, even with visualization you will need to keep practicing if you want to achieve perfection. You need to get your mind acquainted to visualization. Try this simple trick that will help you with this. Get hold of a bunch of photographs and really study the finer details of each one of these pictures. Study the colors, emotions, expressions and scenery that each of the images depicts. Once you have studied them adequately, close your mind and try to recall everything that you had seen. Allow your mind to experience the emotion related to it and then move on to the next picture when you were able to recall the picture in sufficient details.

Tip#5: You need to take action

If during the self-hypnosis sessions you can feel your level of your confidence growing then you will need to take the opportunity for transforming this visualization into reality as soon as it presents itself. Don’t miss out on any opportunity that will help you transform your visualization into reality. If you didn’t take any action then it really is pointless for you to spend a lot of time and effort on this training. Every time you act on such opportunities, you are conditioning your subconscious to behave in a particular manner till the point such behavior comes naturally to you. And another manner in which you can solidify your visualization is by giving yourself a pat on your back every time you see yourself behave in a particular manner. Keep appreciating your own efforts; this will motivate you to perform better. And when you do this, the subconscious mind will start looking out for positive situations just to receive the reward.