Boost Your Self-Esteem and Be Happy Affirmations

Here is a list of all the affirmations.

I deserve to have good things happen to me

I feel good about myself

I can achieve anything because I am a strong person

I have complete belief in myself

I feel good about being alive

I love and respect the person that I am

I am a confident person

People like me because I am an interesting person

I deserve to be happy and healthy

I am in complete control of what happens in my life

People like me because I am a nice person

I respect myself

When I speak, I speak with confidence

My happiness grows stronger everyday

I am excited about my future

I feel good about everything

I look good because I am a beautiful person

I am a nice person that deserves to be loved

I face any challenges with confidence and enthusiasm

People enjoy my company because I am a happy, fun person

I am in total control of my emotions

I am a strong-minded person

I always focus on happy thoughts

I am a positive person

I do not worry about people judging me because I am perfect the way I am

My self-esteem is getting stronger everyday

(((((All of the above are repeated throughout the recording to reinforce the affirmations)))))

This MP3 recording should not be listened to while driving or operating machinery. Headphones are not needed for this recording.

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Boost Your Self-Esteem and Be Happy Affirmations