Self-hypnosis is an instrument for self-control. It has proved to be an effective tool for controlling one’s mind of its divergences, urges, worries, anxieties, etc.

It is a modern method of hypnotherapy also called autohypnosis; this method is self-induced and is based on self-suggestion and is quite effective in gaining control of the mental state of mind and relieving oneself of anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, obesity, asthma and various skin conditions. It also helps to improve concentration, the power of recollection, reduces headaches and contributes greatly in mental well-being.

Self-hypnosis is performed in three stages and here, we will talk about just the first stage because it lays the all important fundamental foundation.

Stage 1 – Preparation

The first stage is about preparing oneself for the entire process. It begins by clearing the mind of every thought and focusing on nothing except performing the process. This ensures a stable one-track mind free of any kind of mental deviations.

Steps to be taken while preparing one for performing a self-hypnosis are as follows:

Dress up as casually as you can. Avoid tight-fitting clothes as they restrict free and healthy circulation of blood and makes it difficult for you to concentrate on your mind; instead go for something in which you’re most comfortable in like loose sweats or shorts.

Select a temperature that’s neither too hot nor too cold as either would not allow you to be comfortable and thus hamper the hypnosis process. Choose a temperature between the two extremes or an environment where you feel relaxed and comfortable enough.

While selecting a room you should ensure that you are the only one in the room. Shut the doors; ensure the room is airy and well ventilated. The room should not be too brightly lit, neither should it be extremely dark. It should be lit in a way that puts you in a relaxed mood.

When you’re ready with the necessary clothing, room temperature and perfect room setting, place yourself upright on a chair and avoid lying down. You could also choose a couch for this session. Make sure none of your body parts are crossed like your hands or legs.

For the entire process of self-hypnosis to work out effectively for you, you need to ensure there are zero disturbances, as you require 100% focus. You should make sure that your phone is switched off and make certain that you’ve taken care of all your immediate commitments so you’re undisturbed throughout the entire session. Solitude is vital for this session to produce the desired results.

The objective behind performing this session must first be stated clearly to oneself so as to enable complete focus on the same. It is important that you specify the reason behind doing this to yourself before venturing on this journey.

Some very common objectives or aims of self-hypnosis are:

  • To put a stop to various bad habits such as drinking, smoking, gambling, etc. Such habits are extremely tough to get rid off unless one has an unwavering determination. And hence resorting to self-hypnosis
    may be a great idea.
  • To revive mental peace free from frustration, harassment, anxiety and worries.
  • Self-hypnosis is also done to boost up the mental functionality and regain steady control over the brain.
  • It helps keep the brain sharp and proactive whilst increasing the power of concentration and thereby enhances overall development of the mind and soul.

The first stage of self-hypnosis is pivotal to a achieving the objective of the same and hence should never be neglected or taken lightly. Getting the fundamentals of how to perform this activity right, and also building up on a strong foundation will lead to this session proving very effective for you.