Smokers Pre-Talk Questions

1. How long have you been smoking?

2. Why did you start smoking?

3. Did someone you looked up to smoke?

If yes, who?

4. Have you tried to stop smoking in the past?

5. What method did you use to stop smoking and what happened?

6. How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?

7. How much do you pay for a pack of cigarettes?

8. How could you better use the money saved by being a non-smoking?

9. Can you list three reasons why you want to stop smoking?




10. What fear’s might you have of quitting smoking?

11. Name other people who will appreciate your being non-smoking

12. Do you believe that smoking is harmful to your health?

13. Do you ever experience shortness of breath?

14. Do you have a smoker’s cough?

15. Do you have any other health problems related to smoking?

16. When do you enjoy a cigarette the most?

a. When you first get up in the morning

b. With Coffee?

c. As a reward

d. Other

17. Do you smoke in your car, auto, vehicle?

18. Do you take a break just to smoke?

19. Once you go to sleep at night, do you regular get up during the night to smoke?

20. Do you tend to smoke while you are talking on the telephone?

21. Do you smoke to feel confident?

22. Do you smoke more when you feel bored?

23. Do you smoke more when you are upset?

24. Do you smoke to replace overeating?

25. Do you sometimes think of your cigarettes as your friend?

26. Are you ready to quit smoking?