Hypnosis can help you to stop blushing!

People blush for many reasons. Blushing may happen as a result of a passing embarrassment, a quick brush of anxiety, or due to an outright humiliation. Blushing might occur when we see or speak to someone who simply excites us. Then again, anger can also bring on that tell-tale flush of redness with a fury. Undoubtedly, our being prone to blushing is not limited to only emotional causes. Changes in temperature can just as easily cause the blood to rush to our cheeks.

Whatever the cause of your blushing, known or unknown, it can make you feel as though a giant red neon sign is signaling your physical and emotional state to everyone around you. This experience alone can be embarrassing, which only seems to add to your dilemma. Even though blushing is a natural occurrence it can still bring on some serious emotions, such as helplessness and shame. Feeling as if our body is out of our control is frustrating and has been known to cause social phobias among some of its sufferers. Has the fear of blushing ever caused you to avoid a celebration, confrontation, or even just a conversation before?

Well, relax. There’s good news. This seemingly involuntary response can be calmed. Our unconscious (subconscious) mind processes psychological experiences and triggers physical reactions such as facial blushing. Like an auto-pilot function, it responds to internal and external stimulus without thought. But we can change this automated response. We can train our unconscious mind to take on new behaviours with the help of hypnotherapy / self hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderfully relaxing experience that allows us to examine the causes of our psychical and psychological responses. Through hypnosis we can gain a better understanding of how and why our bodies blush, and we can begin to replace our unwanted, previously involuntary behaviour with a much calmer and more controlled response.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • End the embarrassment of emotional blushing!
  • Feel more confident and in control of your body!

Become more sociable without the fear of facial blushing! Hypnotherapy / hypnosis isn’t a miracle cure. But it can help improve your mind-body connection and put a stop to unwanted physical and emotional behaviours. Your unconscious mind is well equipped to help you manage your blushing. The creative relaxation, visualization, and other advanced hypnotherapy techniques contained in this powerful hypnosis session can help you to calm your blushing.

Control your blushing with the help of hypnotherapy!

Disclaimer: Please remember that everybody is different and therefore results and response times do vary from person to person.

Habits and Disorders

Complete your journey to freedom with hypnosis! Habits are part of being human. Most of the time, they serve us well – if you had to think consciously about every single thing you wanted to do, you’d never do anything! However, there are times when our habit-forming natures can prove unhelpful, to say the least. Unwanted habits can seriously affect our quality of life.

There are many types of negative personal habits, of course, but they are all caused by the same thing – a subconscious reaction to an emotional trigger. The good news is that you have more control than you think. You just need to go to the source of the problem. Hypnotherapy can help to eliminate bad habits because it deals with the part of the mind that keeps those habits in place.