Complete Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Training Practitioner Course

Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Course

9 Week – Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Course – R19 500.00

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Part 1:

Overview – Definition of Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy
Building a rapport with your client
Developing and Using Scripts
Measuring the level of Hypnosis

Part 2:

The Ideomotor Response
The Esdaile State
The Human Mind – The Conscious, the Unconscious and the current view of the mind
Hypnosis, Suggestibility, and Induction Techniques:
Definition of the Hypnotic State

Part 3:

Suggestibility Test – Client Assessment
Methods used for inducing the light hypnotic state
Deepening Technique, Therapeutic Intervention and Termination Techniques
Directing action to the subconscious mind
Hypnotic Suggestion or Psychoanalysis? The application of suggestion and free-association analysis are discussed

Part 4:

Indirect and Direct Suggestion – Using the hypnotic state to implant suggestions
Post-hypnotic suggestion
Examples of Suggestion Therapy
Application of Regression Therapy
Sexuality, Anxiety & Repression

Part 5:

The Application of Hypnoanalysis – The analytical approach and free association
Six Pillars of Hypnoanalysis:
Regression & Revivification

Part 6:

Contacting Ego States
Create An Environment Of Safe Negotiation Between Ego States
An example of Hypno-Analytical Therapy

Part 7:

Psychological Testing – The Lüscher Eight Colour Test
Analysis of Dreams including Daydreams, Lucid Dreams, Nightmares, and Recurring Dreams etc
The Client – Meeting and Managing – Mirroring and Modelling
Keeping Clinical Notes

Part 8:

Relaxation Techniques & Treating Stress
Self Hypnosis Techniques for Relaxation Therapy and suggestions for Weight Loss, Stress Reduction, Fear Reduction and Building Self Esteem etc
Suggestibility Questionnaires – Visualizations – Case Studies – Scripts – Audio Scripts

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