AIDS Treatment with Hypnosis.

AIDS is a disease in which there is a severe loss of the body’s cellular immunity, greatly lowering the resistance to infection and malignancy.


as you sink deeper and deeper,

completely relaxed,

I’m going to talk about tension,

anxiety and fear.

How unnecessary these feelings are and how you,


are going to eliminate them.

When we come down with a cold,

the general emotion we feel is inconvenience.


because you miss work,

have little or no energy to accomplish daily tasks, and in general

– this cold just throws a wrench into our life.

The same holds true for anxiety,

tension and fear.

These are also inconveniences.

If we go to work full of tension and anxiety,

our work performance drops and it can cause tension among co-workers and make the day very uncomfortable.

Tension is the opposite of relaxation and if tense or nervous our energy is sapped and we go through the day yawning and looking at the clock.

Emotional tension drains our minds of much needed energy to accomplish the most trivial tasks.

If fearful,

we tend to slip into depression, bringing on these tensions and anxieties once again.


anxiety and fear are as much inconvenience as a cold,

if not more.


anxiety and fear also bring on other inconvenience,

the main one being illness and disease.

Our immune system will not work for us properly if its bombarded with negative energy.

Your body involuntarily responds almost immediately to whatever crosses your mind.

Think a pleasant thought and you smile.

Think a melancholy thought and you feel sad.

Think an angry thought and you frown.

Think an embarrassing thought and you blush.

Think a fearful thought and you tense.

But tension cannot exist when the mind is calm. If we replace thoughts of fear with thoughts of calm and peace,

our tension soon subsides and our minds healing power continues working for us.

In essence,

we are what we think.

One of the most important medical findings is that the stress of inner conflicts suppress the body’s defense system,

which then becomes unable to fight off disease.


keep in mind that the body and mind are a single integrated organism.

As the saying goes “You have nothing to fear but fear itself”.

You have no reason to fear a life threatening disease because YOU have the power to reject invasion in your body.

The responsibility of your health and your well-being is in YOU.

YOU have the power to remain well as long as you have your mind and the determination.

We each create our own miracles and we create our own downfalls,

and as you sit here,

completely relaxed and at peace with your body,

you realize this.

And this realization of a healthy body and strong,

indestructible immune system, now becomes a permanent fact in you mind.

You have no reason to feel tension,

anxiety or fear because you know disease doesn’t have a chance of surviving with a strong healthy immune system.

With visual imagery,

which we will soon be working with,

your physical health will remain as strong and pure as ever and with your new realization that you have no use for the inconvenience of tensions and fears,

your immune system can concentrate only on being strong and powerful against any disease.


I want you to visualize those two warriors you drew.

Two vicious,


mean warriors.


One standing guard inside each temple in your mind.

These guards are now a permanent part of you.

Each and every time a negative thought such as fear,

or an anxious tense thought,

starts to work its way into your mind,

these warriors will savagely spear the negative thought out of your mind.

Out of your immune system process.

These warriors are guarding your immune system for you and will never,


let negative thoughts into your mind to harm you or to disrupt your immune systems strength which is fighting inside of you every second.

I am going to show you how strong these guards are.

Picture in your mind the drawing of the sluggish,


disoriented disease which you have been fearing.

Picture it creeping towards your mind,

trying to put fear and distress into you.


see your personal warriors raise their spears,

puffing up their chests in victory and are ready and standing guard again.

Each and every time a negative thought tries to invade your mind,

every time a negative thought about disease tries to invade your mind,

these warriors will fight and WIN …

every time!

Without fail!


lets get rid of that dead disease lying there, having lost that battle.

From the tip of your toes I want you to visualize a violet cleansing flame,

flowing inside your body,

working its way up through your body,

up your spine, through your shoulders and neck.

Feel it flowing throughout your body,

cleansing and purifying until it reaches your head,

where it flows out through your head and cascades down over your entire body, giving it a strong,

protective shield of light.


as this shield is cascading down over your body,

you sink deeper and deeper into relaxation with the absence of tension and fear.

Feel the tension and fear fading away with every breath you take …

feel the hope and joy which replaces these negative emotions.

Every breath you take brings you closer and closer to relaxation and contentment.


as you are completely relaxed,

I am going to give you some suggestions that are going to take thorough and complete effect on your mind,

body and spirit …

permanently in your mind.

One …

each and every time a negative thought such as tension,

anxiety or fear tries to enter your mind,

your two warriors will effectively kill them off.

Two …

these warriors,

as of this moment,

have become a permanent part of your being,

always with you and always killing off negative thoughts.

Three …

each and every time a negative thought has been killed,

it will be removed from your body by the violet cleansing flame.

Four …

the violet,

cleansing flame will not only remove the dead,

negative thought but will flow from inside of your body,

through the top of your head and will cascade over your whole body leaving a powerful white shield of protection from negative thoughts and disease.

Five …

because you are now aware of your own power of rejecting negative thoughts,

you are becoming,

with every breath you take, more and more relaxed. Your relaxation is so complete that you now make it a permanent part of your life.

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AIDS Treatment with Hypnosis.

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