GAIA is your Divine Healing Energy form Mother Earth, you are part of GAIA.

The purpose of this course is to get energy to flow freely threw your body. We will re-align the chakras in your body. In the simplest terms, aligning chakras means getting them all to rotate clockwise. A chakra that stops spinning or spins the wrong way could be associated with physical ailments, or with telling lies. We will align your chakras with meditation and visualization and getting your chakras turning clockwise, correcting the flow of energy through your body. We will ask the Who, What, Why, When and How Questions.

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GAIA is the foundation upon which all that comes from it are grounded.

“The poor physician treats the symptoms.
The good physician treats the disease.
The excellent physician treats the patient.”

We offer you a GAIA Deep Healing Meditation option to deal with Balance in your life.

What is Deep Healing?

Healing, as we have discussed is the process of moving mind, body, emotion, and behavior in the direction of becoming more whole and finding a healthy balance (homeostasis). As a system becomes more whole, its component parts function better, and they function in a more coordinated, effective way in relationship to each other. Deep Healing refers to the process of creating this balance on all levels of the internal system and, in addition, finding balance in relationship to the outside world (mate, family, community, planet) .

Superficial Healing

Healing is easy to see when a cut on a finger mends. In this case, healing addresses the unbalanced state in the body, in which energy (blood) was being lost and the interior of the body was excessively exposed to potential damage (infection). A few sutures and a bandage, and the healing process proceeds on its own.

But what if the bleeding is from an ulcer in the stomach? Sure, a surgeon may operate and suture it closed and the body will repair the wound as it did the finger – but that may not be enough. Often, a further form, like deep healing is needed. This is because a stomach ulcer may actually be the end result of a series of changes beginning with the person living a life of too much unbalanced stress. Or it could be that the person has been using alcohol to excess, or living a life that is unhealthy in other ways.

In such cases, local treatment by surgically repairing the ulcer treats the symptom, but does not treat the deeper cause. This leads to a state of incomplete healing, and because the true source of the symptoms is not being adequately dealt with, they are likely to recur. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of all our illnesses are of this type – and to make a complete return to health and wellness we need deep healing.

To continue with the example of the ulcer: to heal more deeply we must ask questions of the person with the ulcer, and help her/him discover a more effective way of relating with her/his body and the world. The best way to achieve this is through the use of mind tools such as cognitive behavior change strategies, guided imagery, deep relaxation, and self hypnosis to create changes in attitudes, habits and beliefs.

Deep Healing Source

So, whether we are dealing with, for example, high blood pressure, headaches, spastic bowel, diabetes, obesity, back pain, or stress management problems, etc., the most effective and most rapid way to complete healing is through looking at the system as a whole. We must address the relationship among mind, body, emotion, spirit, and environment.

We must pay attention to the fact that our thoughts and images control our nervous system, the factory that produces the chemicals that control our perceptions, feelings, and behaviors. Our thoughts and images thus determine whether we are healthy or not. This deep healing process involves accessing the wisdom of the conscious mind and accessing a place of peace and calm that is inside of you. Opening the highest level of your physical and spiritual system where you can create balance and organize your world so it can return to harmony.

Now we are free to go on to high level wellness and peak performance. Because the process of deep healing has opened the inner doors to our vast inner reservoir of wisdom peace and calm, we can now understand at a deeper level the importance of paying attention to the functioning of the system long before we develop symptoms.

Examples of Deep Healing

So, what is Deep Healing?

For an individual, healing means developing higher levels of health, wellness, and performance of mind, body, emotions, and behaviors, as well as developing balance and happiness spiritually and in relationships. Here are some examples of healing at each of the levels:

Physical: Healing at the physical level is exemplified by the wound that stops bleeding and closes over or the infection that goes away through the action of the immune system.

Emotional: At the emotional healing level; healing and wholeness can mean overcoming a tragic loss and finding hope and courage again – or it might mean learning to relax through anxiety or anger.

Mental: At the mental healing level, it could be choosing to avoid distraction and to focus clearly on that which is most important – or to think more creatively and logically and make better choices.

Relationship: At the relationship level, it could be going beyond conflict, communicating honestly and treating others with respect, unconditional positive regard, and love.

Spirit: At the spiritual healing level; healing might mean realizing that we have not been living up to our own ideals, awakening to our true values and purpose, and reorganizing our lives to better reflect them.

Deep Healing Our Planet

Just as we can be out of balance at the individual level, our families, communities, nation, and world can be out of balance and in need of deep healing. To be truly deep, healing must also examine and balance the environment – the people, the natural world, and the man-made structures – and how we are relating with it.

Please have a look at:

We will be focusing on Earth Star Chakra – Grounded into the Earth, Rejuvenation and restoration directly from Mother Gaia.

The earth star chakra is sometimes referred to as one of the “new chakras” or “subpersonal chakras.” Think of your earth star chakra as a high-performance root chakra! It is the grounding point for your entire chakra system and etheric body.

How we balance our earth star chakras? Well, it’s pretty simple, actually. For one thing, just get outside! Connecting with the earth itself is a fantastic place to start. After all, you have to be familiar with that which you’re trying to connect to!

The soul star chakra is outside of your physical body and located in your etheric body approximately six inches above your head. It resides within your auric field and is connected to your other chakras. The colour of this chakra is deep red.

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