Love and Light Ceremony

We need a big mirror for both.

We need a representation of the five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space.

We need sever banners, seven colours.

  • Root Chakra: RED
  • Sacral Chakra: ORANGE
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: YELLOW
  • Heart Chakra: GREEN
  • Throat Chakra: BLUE
  • Third Eye Chakra: INDIGO
  • Crown Chakra: VIOLET

Main: Script 1

“This is a very special place here

This is a very special time for you both now

After this ceremony today both of you will never be the same again.

Breath, see, feel this peaceful and special place.

Breath, see, feel this peaceful and special time.

Now become aware that its only the two of you are here alone,

there is no one to disturb you.

This is the most peaceful place in the world for you both.”

Main: Script 2

Become aware of a brilliant white light above your heads.

This is a powerful healing white light.

On your next inhalation,

imagine this light moving down into the top of your head,

down through your crown chakra.

It feels warm and


I feel peaceful.

As it moves all the way down your spine and

legs and out through your feet,

your whole body relaxes deeply.

It travels through the floor and

down into the earth

where it mixes with nurturing energy’s in the Earth


and begins to travel back up and into your feet.

Become aware of your feet.


Feel them upon the floor beneath you.

Imagine that this beautiful white light grounds you as it massages your feet.

Your feet feel relaxed and



Take a nice deep breath and

feel this healing white light

flowing up your legs and

into the first chakra,


To see the complete script contact us asap.

The beam of light moves back up into the ball of white light above your heads.

You feel enveloped in a warm blanket of well-being

as the light extends to the furthers reaches of the Universe.

You know that you are intimately connected with both the heavens

and the earth,

and play a role of being a wonderful conduit of love and

light upon planet Earth.

As you see,

feel and

know you are one.


To see the complete script contact us asap.