Hypnotic regression is a journey back in time to recover memories and explore events from the past and is profoundly trans-formative work. All of our experiences from birth and even before recorded in our bodies, minds and souls.

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The Types Of Regression

There are several types of regression and regression methods that can be used effectively to regress someone to recover memories from the subconscious mind. How the memories are accessed will vary greatly depending on the individual being regressed and the purpose of the regression.

In general, regression therapy can be divided into groups. First there is Age Regression, which includes recovering memories and feelings from events that occurred in the course of life since birth. Inner Child work is one of the most common types of age regression. We then have Womb Regression and this takes somebody back to the special time in the womb, after conception and before birth. Back even further in time than womb regression, are memories of Past Lives. Past Life Regression explores the significant scenes, feelings, events and memories from previous lifetimes. The fifth type of regression is Life Between Lives regression. This is a highly specialized field of regression that takes somebody back to recover soul memories from the time in spirit and between lives.

I am only your guide as a regression therapist and we will guide you back into their past to explore you childhood & even back to your experiences in the womb.

We will explore the repeating patterns, contracts, agreements, perceptions and beliefs that were formed sometimes on an unconscious level, as a result of experiences from this life.

Going back in time through hypnotic regression can bring new perspectives and healing for people in a way that no other therapy can achieve.

Regression is a powerful healing tool.

Hypnotic regression is not at all like trying to remember. Trying to remember can hinder the process. One of the most common reasons for clients unable to regress can be that they are simply trying to hard to remember. It is best to invite the conscious mind to take a back seat and relax and let the spontaneous memories float up from the subconscious mind effortlessly.

Initial Sensitizing Events

An initial sensitizing event is the original event or one of the original events that occurred in a person’s life that has led to the development of a pattern, belief or association. These are often forgotten and may have seemed insignificant at the time they occurred. However an ISE is like a seed overtime that can sprout and grow beneath the level of awareness in the grounds of the subconscious mind until it becomes an issue in an individual’s life.

In regression therapy we are often searching for the initial sensitizing event and the resulting patterns, beliefs and associations that have developed as a result.


The Origin of Distortion (First Point of Pain) is something we will explore with you whilst in an Age Regression session. This point happens to every single person on the planet – between the age of conception and seven years old.

Until that point, we are unconditioned, we live in the moment. When the Origin of Distortion happens, fear sets in and we spend our lives trying to avoid the same pain.

This point then manifests as an issue in your life – this can be varied and range from trying to please others, needing to be in control, lack of self esteem etc. The roots of the issue will often go back to the Origin of Distortion.

The Distortion happens as an event – this could be something major like abuse, or something quite subtle – but its how we reacted to it at that time that matters. It is the very first time that we felt “non love” in this lifetime. We then spend the rest of our lives trying to avoid the same pain.

An example of someone’s Origin of Distortion: As a baby, the girl was a few hours old. Because of how she had been lying in the womb, she was born with her ear and nose turned to one side. She also had a very red backside. When her father came to see her, the first thing he said was: “She looks funny, what’s wrong with her?” It was an innocent remark from the father with no malice intended, but from that point on wards, that child believed she looked funny and had low self worth. It was the beginning of a life with body image issues. If your client has an issue they want to explore in this lifetime – take them to the Origin of Distortion.

Often by even talking about the Origin of Distortion, you may have an emotional reaction in the consultation. If you explain in the Consultation exactly what this is, and if you can find that point by directing your client back to it in their regression, much healing can be done.

The Regression Process:

  • Pre-talk / Consultation
  • Establish intention
  • Induction
  • Facilitating suggestions
  • Safe place
  • Deepening
  • Remaining objective observer
  • Directing the regression
  • Exploring questions
  • Healing intervention
  • Future pacing

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All we need to do is to get you into a deep state of relaxation by your induction – bring in the safe place and then direct you – counting 10-1 back to the Origin of Distortion – back to the very first time you felt non-love in this lifetime.

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