We now at Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Center in South Africa are now proud to offer you a Basic and Advanced Complete Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Training Practitioner Course.

We have now set the bar – Standards for Hypnosis training in South Africa. Our Clinical Hypnotherapy Training comes as part of the NLP Master Practitioner Program.

All of your NLP training counts towards the clinical hypnosis accreditation.

Working with three sub-modalities. Analytical hypnotherapy, Direct Suggestion hypnotherapy and Part Therapy hypnotherapy.

The basic and advanced course is a 1 on 1 Tutored Distance Learning Diploma Course of 15 Lessons.

Hypnotherapy is classified a ‘talking therapy’ using the power of suggestion to change our thoughts, emotional and physical behaviour where required. The process of hypnotherapy alters our state of consciousness in a way that enables the conscious part of the mind to relax and become inattentive, while at the same time stimulating and focusing that part of the mind we call the ‘subconscious’.

Hypnotherapy has been recommended as a treatment for habit breaking, stress-related issues, and for a range of long-term medical conditions. Hypnotherapy has been found to be incredibly effective either when used in parallel with other therapeutic treatment, or when used independently after other treatments have been exhausted.

Our course covers the basic introduction to hypnosis and the nature of the ‘hypnotic trance condition’, to an understanding of how to induce, deepen and release your client from the ‘trance state’. The use of suggestion hypnotherapy and also simple basic hypno-analysis is introduced. The application of hypnotherapy for a wide range of conditions is covered. The purpose, design and use of ‘hypnotherapy scripts’ are included in the course material.

The course is aimed at students who wish to obtain competence in a practical and effective therapy. No previous experience is required as the course covers the appropriate basic tools. Practitioners of other therapies will find this course very useful as it adds another effective treatment technique to their existing therapies.

There are three different types of Hypnotherapy 

Analytical hypnotherapy works on the basis that every symptom has a cause, in the same way that the term ’cause-and-effect’ works in other areas of life. Analytical hypnotherapy looks at the root cause of the problem. This system is based on the findings of Milton Erickson and the Analytical Hypnotherapy techniques of Dr R D Longacre.

Direct Suggestion hypnotherapy works on the symptom, seeking to relieve the symptom thereby giving the client a chance to change and heal as they see fit. This is an “old school” modality which is based on the founding principles of James Braid and James Esdaile. This is a very small part of hypnotherapy but because of entertaining stage shows, this is what most people associate hypnotherapy with.

Part Therapy hypnotherapy is an effective and simple tool similar Ego State Therapy that most main stream psychologists will be familiar with. The Parts that control the clients behaviours are addressed separately with the hypnotherapist acting as a mediator. The parts come to a successful resolution of the matter being addressed, and are then re-integrated in harmony with the client. This technique is based on the teachings of Charles Tebbetts and Roy Hunter.

Serious students wishing to continue their ‘learning path’ are recommended to move ahead with our Advanced Hypnotherapy course. This will extend your knowledge and provide additional skills to help your clients.
Be’ Top of your Profession’ by adding this course to your Therapy Portfolio.

Our Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Course includes a full HHC business development and marketing plan with your own website and full access to our script database .

With the acceptance of hypnotherapy as a valid solution by the mental and medical health communities, more clients than ever expect this offering from their coaches too. Put this powerful tool into your arsenal of strategies to complement your services. Help clients to stop smoking, lose weight, enhance performance, build confidence, overcome anxiety and grief, manage anger, relieve stress, overcome phobias, conquer addictions, relieve depression, and more.

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