This is Gerald Crawford.
I’m here to speak with you about hypnosis.
In the next few moments you’ll learn how hypnosis can help you tap the powers of your inner mind. We’ll remove common myths and misconceptions about hypnosis and explore some of its many uses. First of all, let’s dispel some of the common myths about hypnosis, correct some inaccuracies and learn the truth.

The 7 Principals of Hypnosis

In Hypnosis, there are 7 methods commonly used. These are important aspects for you to consider whenever you are about to start a Hypnotherapy Session.

Collaboration: You Need Their Help Too – Your client needs to be at a point in their life where they are ready to undertake the changes that may happen resulting from the session you will do with them. A strong conscious mind can overrule your suggestions or the work you are doing. For a successful session, the client must be ready and willing to take their own journey.

Forced cognition: Saying It Makes Them Think It – When you use Suggestion Thera- py, you will making suggestions to the subconscious mind, this then makes the client have new thought patterns and to be able to successfully reach their goals.

Sensory thought: Thinking About Events Triggers Senses – Using the skills you will learn from this course, you can take your clients back into memories. When these memories arise – the senses become more alert and astute, making the whole ex- perience more real.

Physical thought: Thinking Changes The Body – As therapist’s we are all aware of the connection between the mind and body – when we connect with what is hap- pening in our bodies, amazing healing can happen.

Feedback: Check That It Is Working & Works – Never be afraid to ask your clients in the session and following up with them after the session, how they have responded and how they are feeling afterwards.

Utilization: Make Use Of What Happens. Everything Is A Resource – Use your client’s terminology – their words – we will go into that later – there is no better way of connecting and healing your client than to use the terminology that they themselves tell you.

Confidence: The Attitude Of The Therapist Is Key – One of the most important aspects of being a Hypnotherapist. You must believe yourself that this therapy works, trust it even if your client shows doubt and know that your client chose you on a soul level and that you are meant to work together. Know in the work you have done, that many things physically and energetically have been shifted for your client.

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