Calm and Confident Public Speaking Affirmations

Here is a list of all the affirmations – Calm and Confident Public Speaking

I am a confident person

I enjoy talking to groups of people

I stay calm and confident in every situation

I am a relaxed person

I always stay relaxed when talking to groups of people

I have excellent communication skills

I enjoy giving presentations

I enjoy meeting new people

I am a calm, confident person

I am a natural public speaker

I enjoy being the centre of attention

People respect me

People like me

People admire my confidence

People enjoy my presentations

I am comfortable in front of an audience

I enjoy being in control

I am in control

I talk to people with confidence

I talk to groups of people and remain calm and confident

I have amazing communication skills

I can do anything I want to do

I command respect

I am an intelligent person who is full of confidence

I succeed in everything I do

I am full of positive energy

I am an amazing person

I have full belief in myself and my abilities

Public speaking comes naturally to me

I enjoy meeting new people

I am confident in my abilities

I am great at what I do

When talking to an audience I always remain calm

Public speaking is so rewarding

I am able to deal with things easily

I am a strong-minded person

I am in complete control of my emotions

I am always polite

I am always professional

I can deal with anything because I am in control

I can achieve anything I set my mind to

I am a positive person

I enjoy achieving new things

I can always relax when I need to

I am aware of how powerful my mind is

I always remain calm and in control

People admire me

People find me interesting

People enjoy listening to me speak

Public speaking is so satisfying

When I speak, I speak with authority

The more I practice, the better I become

The audience loves me

The audience respects me

I am worthy of love and respect

I remain calm in all situations

When talking to groups of people, I am calm and in control

I remain happy, confident, and relaxed at all times

I am an incredible person

People love my positive energy

I am so great at what I do

My confidence grows stronger every day

I am feeling so relaxed right now

I am so safe, calm, and peaceful


All my muscles are resting

I am so calm and comfortable