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I’ve battled with anxiety & stress for most of my life & with the recent pandemic, it got a lot worse. I decided to get in touch with Gerald for a few sessions for help & guidance. I now have a better understanding of how to deal with & manage my challenges. Gerald has been nothing short of amazing during this journey. I would highly recommend him to anyone facing similar challenges. – 2020 Ana Fugareu – Cape Town – Stress and Anxiety.

I’d been held back for a long time by feelings of anxiety and a lack of self-confidence and was surprised at how immediate the effects of the sessions with Gerald were, starting with a good nights sleep. As well as the initial improvements I now feel as if I have a toolkit that enables me to achieve balance in my life on a day-to-day basis. Gaining control of my mind has enabled me to start enjoying life again free from irrational worry and anxiety. My only regret is not having tried hypnotherapy years ago! – 2020 Paul B – Cape Town – Sleep, Worry and Anxiety.

I went to see Gerald expecting very little from either him or hypnotherapy in general – and emerged after five sessions with my issue swiftly and painlessly resolved. Gerald combines natural charm and ease of manner with a high degree of professionalism and complete command of his specialist area. He understands that hypnotherapy for some can be a slightly unnerving and exposing experience, but has you completely relaxed with both his and the process within minutes. His treatment is tailored to your specific situation, Gerald is instinctive, perceptive and generally just awesome. If you’re considering making an appointment, consider no longer. Just pick up the phone. – 2020 Carthy P – Cape Town – Anxiety.

I have to admit that I was skeptical when I came out of our session, as I didn’t really feel any difference in mood or temperament, however, I and others, have noticed a real change; I am much more relaxed and I have so much more control over food portions and when I eat. It doesn’t even feel like an effort. One thing that I have always checked myself on is how tense my shoulders always seem to be and I have to relax them consciously, but since our sessions I find them already relaxed. I am also sleeping much better and my concentration is more focused. – 2020 Marget L – Cape Town – Sleep, Anxiety and Panic Attack.

I have received three treatments form Gerald and all of them have focused on different deep seated issues that needed healing using Between Lives Regression. I gained clarity and a greater understanding of a particular incident and moment in time. This healing has resulted in a feeling of increased confidence, self-esteem and peace. The other two sessions shed light on why I react and behave in certain ways in this life. Again I took away immense healing and learning from both of these sessions. Gerald as a hypnotherapy practitioner is extremely professional, confident and competent. I felt completely safe and held in these sessions and this allowed me to trust him and the process. – 2019 Shara P – Cape Town – Confidence, Self-esteem and Peace.

The Between Lives Regression Therapy was an extremely profound experience. It put a lot of what I perceived as issues into context and enabled me to have a look at the bigger picture of my life. It also touched me on an even deeper level. I feel re-connected, I know where I am, I know why I came, I know that the choices I make are perfect and I know that I am loved. 2019 Vic P – Cape Town – Between Lives Regression

The whole Between Lives Regression experience was very special, totally amazing and very profound. I have a very positive attitude towards my future and life purpose and have been taking active steps to make changes in my life. 2019 William C – Cape Town – Between Lives Regression

Good morning Gerald I was going to message you today just to let you know that I am home and had the most amazing time with my family. It was really special and very needed. The flights were great. I had no problems and was fine during turbulence. I can not thank you enough for what you have done for me. But I will see you soon – still want to come for a session now and again, may be for work. Hope you have a great day and thank you once again. Chat soon. – 2019 Mandy – Cape Town – Fear of Flying

Before working with Gerald I could not control my temper. I was impulsive and always agitated. Hypnosis made it possible for me to learn how to control my emotions and behave in a calm way. Now when I look at people who behave the way I used to behave, getting angry and agitated over nothing, I just think: “I used to be this way, but I no longer am” and I feel great and now live my true-self. – 2019 Paul – Cape Town – Anxiety, Anger

Gerald has healed me in so many ways with her hypnotherapy. He is patient and understanding and has a 6th sense of what needs to be healed in you. I highly recommend him to help you with hypnosis – taking care of your issues. – 2019 Karin – Bellville – Lose Weight, Meditation

After years of psychotherapy I decided to use hypnosis to work on low self-esteem. I thought it would take me a while to see a difference, but I felt empowered and became more assertive even after my first session. I had 5 hypnosis sessions with Gerald and I must say that the results exceeded my expectations. I think that the best way to describe my transformation is to say that hypnotherapy did not make me a “new’ person – it helped me find my true-self and learn to like and accept whom I found. – 2019 Venessa – Cape Town – Confidence

I did hypnosis with Gerald because I wanted to stop biting my nails (I had been biting my nails since I was a young child). In the past I was always embarrassed when people looked at my hands, but it was only when my child was born that I became determined to stop that habit. My brother with Gerald used hypnosis to stop smoking and it worked very well for him. I thought that if it worked for smoking it may work for nail biting. I was really surprised how well hypnotherapy worked for my problem. I had 4 sessions with Gerald and I am fully “rehabilitated”. My nails are long and I have no interest in biting them at all. I have also noticed that in addition to solving my nail biting problem, hypnosis also helped me sleep better and feel generally calmer and more optimistic. Overall, I had a very positive experience and I would recommend hypnosis to anyone who wants to change a bad habit or just to become a calmer person. – 2019 Anna Marie – Cape Town – Stop Smoking

Hi Gerald – I am so happy with the great results I have had from your hypnotherapy in treating my numerous allergies. I have tried various other treatments in the past, and hypnosis has been, by far, the most successful.

It is wonderful to be able of eat something as simple as a peanut butter sandwich again, and to be able to enjoy a glass of wine is the cherry on top. The CD that you made has allowed me to go on clearing allergies as they are identified. I am in control now instead of feeling beaten down by my body rejecting the so many things that I eat, drink and use on my skin. I am so much more positive now. Many, many thanks. 2019 Sally Bellville – Allergies

Before I meet with Gerald I was suffering from anxiety and mild depression. Life threw me a curve ball and was unsure how to handle. Tried many different treatments to help me get through it but hypnotherapy pushed me get over the hump. After 3 session I started to feel like myself again. Happy, positive, focused and my anxious thoughts started to dissipate. Today I’m back to myself again and feeling great! Thank you Gerald. 2019 Gerda – Bellville – Depression

Wow! Our session today was so special to me and full of bliss. The transformation I have made since working with you is beyond my wildest dreams. – 2019 Susan – Cape Town – Concentration, Meditation

The ideas that Gerald introduces during our sessions are exactly what my soul yearns for and I’m positive these ideas are being integrated into my subconscious so they become a more automatic part of my life. I always feel relaxed and refreshed after each session. – 2019 John – Cape Town – Forgiveness, Guilt

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