Itchy irritated skin, all hot and bothered, can feel so irresistible to fingertips! Somehow, it just feels as if having a good scratch is absolutely certain to make it feel better!

But as everyone who has suffered with itchy skin, for whatever reason, knows, scratching might feel good at the time but almost inevitably makes the situation worse.

But how can you resist that intense urge and just stop scratching?

The Stop Scratching Hypnosis Sessions was prepared specifically to help people who want to give their irritated skin the best chance to heal by avoiding scratching it and aggravating it.

Our pre-talk reminds you of the importance of proper medical supervision and simple measures like cleanliness, skin care, and good diet.

The induction is based on an ‘attention switch’ model which tires the brain with intensive conscious processing, so encouraging the client to let go and relax.

At the same time, the focus of attention is anchored on the matter in hand, so that even as the client enters trance, the possibility of staying comfortable without scratching is powerfully seeded.

Appropriate healing metaphors are interlinked with hypnotic rehearsal of a scratch free future to establish a new ‘blueprint’ for feeling comfortable and caring appropriately for the skin.

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