Alcohol Addiction Treatment with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy- Session Script #1 of 4

Alcohol Addiction Treatment with Hypnosis.

Alcohol addiction, also known as alcoholism, is a disease that affects people of all walks of life.

Experts have tried to pinpoint factors like genetics, sex, race, or socio-economics that may predispose someone to alcohol addiction. But it has no single cause. Psychological, genetic, and behavioral factors can all contribute to having the disease.

I understand that this is a healing session only. 1 of 4 sessions.

To complete this therapy I need to do all 4 parts of the therapy.

Sessions 2, 3, 4 are change work script’s.

Induction and Deepener

Now as you sink deeper and

deeper relaxed …

deeper and deeper and


all the sounds fade away in the distance and

you pay attention only to the sound of my voice.

Going deeper and

deeper and deeper …

There are five steps in the elimination of any alcoholic drinking challenge …


The first step is relaxation.

You must obviously be relaxed so that the adequate communication can take place

between yourself and your therapist …


if for any reason at this moment you are not completely relaxed I want you now to completely relax …

let go of everything …

no fear,

no guilt,

no shame,

no anger,

no pride.

Let all your arms and

your legs and

your entire body completely let go and relax completely …

Now that you are relaxed …

relaxed more than you have ever been before,

we come to this second point …


The second point is realization …

You are now going to be made to realize the cause of your alcoholic drinking challenge …

you will now start to understand it completely …

First of all,

in almost every case of a alcoholic drinking challenge …

in your mind the person with the alcoholic drinking challenge,

including yourself this was formulated in your own mind …

the deficient father figure or

a deficient authority figure …

maybe your own father had an alcoholic challenge,


at least a heavy drinker,


maybe your mother on frequent occasions accidentally placed either you or

someone else in a drunken state like state,

screaming at you that you are nothing but a bum,

a no good bum …

And that you are going to be a bum just like your father or

a drunk like your father …

If this hasn’t happened a suggestion similar to that has been planted deep into your subconscious mind somewhere in childhood …

It may be frequently one of multiple causes …

But you recognize that somewhere along the line you have a

deficient father figure if it isn’t your own father,


then you felt that God / The Divine was absent in your life,


that your prayers weren’t answered,

here you’ve got it connected up that if your father was a drunk then maybe God / The Divine no good either.

Whatever it is,

someone in the position of authority somewhere has let you down.


And your mind has picked this up and

has become an integral part of your personality even though you don’t even say it …

even alcoholic’s anonymous recognize that this absent father figure as being an integral part of every alcoholic personal program …

and in their twelve-suggested steps for a cure they say that in step two that cure can result only when an authoritarian or

power greater than themselves can be inserted into their lives …

the easiest and

most frequently used and

more helpful authoritarian or

father figure is that of God / The Divine of us all …


if one of the main causes of alcoholism is a absent father figure then obviously the formation of the father figure should promote a cure.

Since the insertion of an adequate father figure does promote a cure,

we can assume that part of the cause of alcoholism is a deficient father figure.


The second most frequently observed cause of alcoholism which also appears in over 95% of all cases is a great deficiency of ego.

The alcoholic always says,

“I’m no good. I’m a bum.”

And if you argue with him when he’s drunk,

and you say,

you’re alright,

he’ll say,


I’m not.”

And somewhere in an incident in the past,

an alcoholic has almost always been physically kicked.

Certainly nothing is more damaging to the ego for and

individual than physical abuse from the foot of another individual.

And further more,

since emotion concentrates the mind,


since a particular incident in which one is being physically kicked,

is very likely also to be one caught with deep emotions.

It’s easy to understand other suggestions of heavy ego damage can be implanted in the mind with great force at a time such as this.

And so,

we are giving you a number of suggestions of realization.



you will realize how you became an alcoholic,

how you accepted a absent father figure,


why the father figure doesn’t need to describe you.

You’re not like your father,

you never were your father and your father or your father figure is not God / The Divine,

God the Father,

there’s a difference,

We use the same words,

but there’s a difference.

And even the Bible says

“Call no man your father on this earth just for fear of that one thing that they might be confused.”

Regarding your deficiency of ego,

we’re going to build it up,

from this moment on – you’re going to think well of yourself in every way.

You’re going to be surprised and

amazed at what a better person you are,

not so much because of what you do but because of what you are;

your composition,

the fact that you are …

From this moment on it is important to completely re-educate you,

re-train you,

to get rid of the habit pattern because you finished with the relaxation and

you finished with the realization and

now comes the re-education,

the re-training.

As so from this moment on,

you have no compulsion to drink,

no push at all

that’s been removed.

You’re going to be surprised and

amazed at how much better you feel.

You’ve lost all desire to turn into a bar.

The bottle is gone for you.

You’re no longer interested in alcohol in any form …

And all those suggestions take complete and thorough effect on you …

The fourth point in therapy of the alcoholic is rehabilitation.

That consists of breaking the habit pattern and

strengthening the ego.

The habit pattern is only part of yesterday and

yesterday’s habit pattern with regard to alcohol is gone.

And your damaged ego has been repaired.

The pain and

fear that was driving your ego is gone.

For this is a dynamic way with dealing with alcoholics.

And it’s a dynamic pattern in dealing with you.

For we will now remove this destructive habit pattern of yours,

now and

alcohol for you is distasteful,

you have no longer a desire for it in any form and

should you even taste it,

it will be disgusting to you.

the smell and

the taste will make you vomit.

Your faith in your true father had been resorted,

we have rebuild it,

your faith in God / The Divine is strengthened,

your ego is strengthened and

these all my suggestions will be reinforced…

You can see it for yourself now,

You can feel your body chancing as I talk to you now.


The fifth point …

You will feel yourself changing,

You deep connection to your father has been confirmed.

In the future again and

again at regular intervals in you life.

the words I spoke,

the messages i gave you,

the instructions i have given you will only become stronger,

every hour,

every day,

every week,

every month,

every year from today.

As you sink deeper and

deeper and

deeper …

They will become a permeant part of your subconscious mind as you change direction in your life completely.

As your alcoholic drinking challenge vanishes leaving you with a sound in mind,

sound in spirit,

sound in body.

You have now become one again.

You are one.



I understand that this is a healing session only. 1 of 4 sessions.

To complete this therapy I need to do all 4 parts of the therapy.

Sessions 2, 3, 4 are change work script’s.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment with Hypnosis Script