Let go of jealousy forever with hypnosis!

Everyone experiences jealousy from time to time. For some people, jealous thoughts are fleeting. But for others, the emotions are much more profound and can severely affect the quality of a relationship. This is because jealousy stirs up those thoughts and feelings of inadequacy, insecurity and distrust. These are not the ingredients for a healthy relationship.

Jealousy is often a symptom of low self-esteem. Our self-image suffers when we constantly compare ourselves to others and believe we do not measure up. The truth is, if we think that almost everybody else is more worthy than we are, then we will believe that the person we want will find everybody more worthy than we are.

Jealousy can also stem from past experiences. Your jealousy may have formed as a result of a loved one being dishonest or cheating on you. You thought you could trust that person, but you ended up getting hurt. Now you find yourself making unwarranted accusations in another relationship because deep down you are afraid the same thing will happen all over again. Everyone has a right to feel good about themselves and their relationship with others. By freeing your mind from the burden of jealousy you can begin to experience a brighter, happier, more enjoyable life. You can achieve this state of mind with the help of self hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Rob that jealousy of its power, forever!
  • Release yourself from unnecessary suspicion!
  • Allow your relationship to grow ever stronger!

This hypnosis sessions provides you with a deeply relaxing experience, in which let your mind become calm and open to new understandings – of love and trust, and worthiness. Developed by our team of highly experienced hypnotherapists, this powerful recording uses techniques that can help you to let go of those uncomfortable feelings of jealousy, forever.

By listening regularly to this hypnosis sessions you can ‘program’ your subconscious mind at a truly deep level. When you appreciate that you are every bit as worthy as anybody else, you can learn to become secure in yourself and to value the beauty of your individual qualities. Your relationship can then be empowered to flourish, as jealousy ceases to hold it back.

You deserve to be free from jealousy – and you can be!

Disclaimer: Please remember that everybody is different and therefore results and response times do vary from person to person.

Experience the healthy relationships you deserve with hypnosis!

We all have a basic need to form relationships with others – we are social animals, after all. Yet despite this deep, instinctive drive to communicate and relate, it’s often far from easy. This is where hypnosis comes in – by helping you to develop a healthier relationship with yourself and with others.

If you have been struggling to improve an existing relationship, or if you are looking to start a new one, then  hypnosis could be just the help you’re looking for. Our hypnosis sessions cover several of the most important issues affecting personal relationships of all kinds.

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