First, establish with your client the weight he/she wishes to be, dress size etc.

Establish goals. Establish that the subconscious is very specific and that,
if the goal is a realistic one, then it will happen.

Diets, Deprivation … the basic instinct of the subconscious is survival,
and deprivation does not fit in with that concept. Comfortable, however,
does fit … it’s nice to be comfortable.
Imagine now that you are in a restaurant watching some slim people looking through the menu. What are they doing? … mentally
they are tasting the food … visualising how it will look served on
the plate … what they are not thinking about is how comfortable
they will feel … food remains in the stomach for up to four hours
and it is important to know how comfortable that will feel.

Now what I want you to be thinking about is yourself … (desired
weight loss) … think about how good you will feel about yourself
… how good you will look … what you are wearing … and what
your friends and family will think about how good you look … but
I don’t want you to think about that too much.

Now we will do some hypnosis and during the course of this therapy which is all for your benefit and, only with your approval, I
will need at times to touch your hands … your forehead … and
then your knee … I’m telling you this so there is no reason for you
to be surprised, and my touch will relax you deeper. Just visualise
how you will feel … lighter … just how does that feel?

Induction for hypnosis (written for women):

Now (client’s name), I want you to go to a special and very pleasant
memory of yours … in the past … a memory of importance … of
significance to you. There may be a few, but your subconscious
mind will understand and know exactly which one is of
importance to you now … of significance to you now … and

unconsciously you know it is of value to you now … you know as
it selects itself … as you experience those successful feelings … of
importance … of significance to you now. For you know that the
answers come from that memory held way back then.
And now go deeper and as you drift down deeper and deeper
now … I know that I really don’t have to tell you that the deeper,
you go the better you feel … and the better you feel, the deeper
you go.

And now in your mind … in your imagination … I want you to go
to a special room … a special room of belief and of capability … in
this room you will see that there is only one piece of furniture …
that is a television set … now you can speak to me but you cannot
wake … when you see it … just say ‘yes’.
That’s good … now what I would like you to do is to put onto the
blank screen of that television … all of that extra weight that you
have … that you want to lose … put it all up there on that screen
… all of those extra fat cells … perhaps you can see them as pinkish in colour … perhaps orangey … all piled up as a fatty mass …

Now put into the picture just how uncomfortable you feel when
you overeat…? Now put into the picture what your family and
friends think when you overeat … now all of the reasons that you
have for your need to overeat … be it lack of love … unhappiness
… whatever those reasons your subconscious mind knows exactly
what is meant here … just put it all there on that screen. Now put
onto that screen all of the damage that overeating does … all that
cholesterol … high blood pressure … breathlessness … the danger
of heart attack and stroke … that uncomfortable feeling when you
overeat and also that feeling of guilt and of shame … shame that
you are not taking on the responsibility for your own health and
well being … carrying all of that extra weight … When you have
that picture really clearly in your mind say ‘yes’.
When the client says ‘yes’, continue:

… I now want you to store this picture somewhere convenient in
your mind because we will need it later … Okay (client’s name) …
that’s good … now I want you to see another picture there on that
screen … a smaller, inset picture in the top right of the screen …

make this picture one of (client’s name) now having lost that extra
weight (target weight loss), lighter in a dress size (target size) …
notice how good she feels … how she looks … that feeling of confidence … increased self-esteem … happier … more alive …
lighter in all ways … (client’s name) taking care of her … and with
that feeling of huge optimism.

Now I want you to give (client’s name) in this picture, on a scale of
one to ten … for confidence … ten … for self-esteem … ten … give
her a score often for self-respect.

This is the (client’s name) who eats only when her appetite says she
is hungry … the (client’s name) who stops eating when her appetite
tells that it is right … a friend of her appetite … who is aware that
on her tongue are twenty six thousand taste buds, and when she
puts food into her mouth they will very quickly become satisfied
… who chews her food slowly and thoroughly and carefully until
her appetite is satisfied … the (client’s name) who is fully aware
that any more food than is enough to satisfy her appetite … is taste
… and that waste can either be wasted in the bin … or wasted on
her waist … waste to waist.

Now in a moment as you watch the screen … you will hear me say
the word ‘SWISH’ … and you can make that small picture grow …
spread across the screen … that picture of the new you. You will
do this very fast and you will do this five times as this is how the
subconscious learns … ‘SWISH’ … erasing all of those old eating
habits … SWISHING … erasing all of that extra weight … all of
that discomfort … that feeling of guilt … of shame … until that
picture fills the screen eliminating completely that old picture …
filling the screen with that new (client’s name).

Now make the screen go blank and put back the old picture and
notice what is different about it … put back the inset picture in the
top right corner of the screen … and now ‘SWISH’ … again …
‘SWISHING’ … erasing … that old (client’s name) … eliminating
that excess weight … ‘SWISHING’ erasing all of those feelings of
discomfort … of lack of confidence … eliminating those feelings of
guilt … all of those bad eating habits … all of those negative feelings erased and eliminated as the new (client’s name) fills the screen
completely now.

Now make the screen go blank … put back the old picture on the
screen … notice what’s different … look at the colour now and tell
me what is different about that picture.

Give client time to tell you what is different.

Now … ‘SWISH’ again …

Repeat sequence.

Now walk over to that television set and turn up the colour … turn
it up as high as it will go … … Now ‘SWISH’ again …
Repeat sequence.

Now make the screen go blank … and put on it now all that
remains of that old picture … the small remains … the dregs of
that old picture … the smallest traces … and then ‘SWISH’ again
… erasing all that remains of that old picture … all that remains of
those old eating habits … those bad feelings … eliminating completely all of that extra weight … those feelings of discomfort … as
the new and exciting (client’s name) fills the screen completely now
… see the new and so confident (client’s name) … lighter (client’s
name) … filling that screen completely now in full and glorious
colour … And now let those wonderful feelings expand and grow
now …

Anchor good feelings … touch knee with firm pressure for approximately
ten to fifteen seconds.

Now step into that picture … into that TV set, and try out that new
body … that slim and lovely (client’s name) … (desired weight loss)
lighter … striding out now happy … smiling … looking absolutely
wonderful … wearing a beautiful new dress … size (target size) …
walk about now and experience fully that comfort … that confidence, that self-esteem … proud now … slim and attractive …
lithe and lovely … enjoy that experience and become familiar with
the new (client’s name).

Now go forward in time … (client’s name), … (target loss) lighter …
wearing that dress in a size (target size) … now a date will flash as

your subconscious chooses one that is significant and appropriate
… tell me what is that date? Are you satisfied with that date … you
will be happy to be (target weight loss) lighter on … (date given).
Okay … now (client’s name) … please take a deep breath and go
deep inside and try … try in vain to have that same problem … It
was a terrible problem wasn’t it? … You want to make those
changes about you … think about those changes now … in the
future as you look back and think about it now … to make that
change now for yourself, so that you could stop having that problem now and see yourself now.

Do you like the way that you look? Just look back at yourself having made that change now … and you will, will you not?

Trance termination.