Binaural Beats have numerous benefits. That’s why you can use them in so many different ways. Since you can consciously control your state of mind with them, the possibilities seem to be endless. We have collected some of the best examples of what you can do with Binaural Beats.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is, simply put, dreaming with a clear consciousness. When you experience such a dream, you are aware that everything that happens around you is only a dream. Advanced dreamers can go beyond simple consciousness and control their own actions in their dreams.

Through the ability to control your dream, you can consciously explore the deepest secrets of your subconscious. Lucid dreaming can give you a deeper sense of self-perception than you have ever experienced before. It can open your eyes to yourself and show you solutions to your biggest problems.

Now to the downside of it: lucid dreaming is not easy. It takes time, practice and hard work to learn and to master it. Imagine lucid dreaming like balancing on a thin rope between sleeping and being awake. If you lean too much in one direction, you will either fall asleep or wake up. Therefore, you should make use of any help you can find. With Binaural Beats you can give this metaphorical rope a little more stability.

Our Recommendation for Lucid Dreaming

Frequency: 4 – 7,5 Hz

Duration: 15 Minutes


Guided Meditation with Binaural Beats is a practice that has a lot of benefits for your overall meditation process. The specially developed sounds, often overlaid with background music, change your brain activity and allow you to reach certain states faster.

Through the use of Binaural Beats, we can help the brain to move faster into a meditative state. This is done by lowering brain wave activity and is extremely useful for those who often struggle with wandering thoughts and a restless head while meditating.

If you’ve meditated before, you certainly know this scenario: you finally find some time to meditate, but the moment you sit down, your mind just doesn’t get quiet. Your thoughts start to wander and your head is everywhere except where you want it to be.

That’s because it takes some time for your brain to slow down.

Binaural Beats and meditation go hand in hand and allow you to manipulate this process and cause a state of meditation more quickly. Meditation with Binaural Beats is also an excellent way to reduce stress.

Our Recommendation for Meditation

Frequency: 6 Hz

Duration: 30 Minutes

Relaxation and Better Sleep

Sleeplessness and other sleep disorders can be difficult both mentally and physically, as sleep is immensely important for the body’s natural healing process. However, if you cannot fall asleep once or twice, that doesn’t mean that you suffer from sleeping sickness.

It has certainly happened to you before that your head becomes totally overactive when you lie down in bed. This is because your mind needs more time to process current experiences and is therefore probably still in the alpha or beta state.

In order to fall asleep, you have to go with your mind so far down into the theta state, until you touch the delta state, which is the deepest state of relaxation. For this reason, experts recommend a preparation time (with Binaural Beats) of at least 30 minutes before going to bed.

Our Recommendation for Relaxation and Better Sleep

Frequency: 4 Hz

Duration: 15 Minutes

Pain Relief

Medicine is increasingly relying on the natural healing effects of music. In a study by Zampi D.D. the healing effect of Binaural Beats was tested.

Zampi tested 36 people with chronic pain on their physical response to Binaural Beats. The test groups were treated for 20 minutes each day on a 6 Hz theta frequency.

The results of the 14-day study support the assumption that Binaural Beats effectively relieve pain and at the same time reduce pain perception. Simply put, Binaural Beats do not only help you to relieve acute pain, but they also prevent any further pain.

Our Recommendation for Pain Relief

Frequency: 6 Hz

Duration: 20 Minutes

Improved Concentration

Do you ever have trouble concentrating? We all know that problem.

There are moments when you find it hard to get going and be productive. Especially when you sit in front of the computer every day and your tasks are pretty monotonous.

Distraction comes quickly when your mind is not calm. In a quiet state, it is ready to get into a state of concentration and productivity. Imagine it like a radar always open to distraction and easily drawn to something new and seemingly attractive.

For tasks that require a lot of thinking and mental concentration, it is no wonder that you are quickly distracted by less demanding things. This is because your mind automatically seeks the path of least resistance. So as soon as it finds a way to “avoid pain,” it will unconsciously make you prioritize simpler and less important things.

Meditation is a wonderful way to calm and relax your mind.

So why not just meditate?

Meditation isn’t necessarily something you would practice while working at peak performance, is it?

Meditation music in this scenario can be too relaxing and even have the opposite effect: instead of helping your mind concentrate, you drift into deeper thoughts. It can actually reach the point where you feel too tired or too relaxed for work.

Binaural Beats increase your concentration in a natural way as they help you overcome the erratic nature of the mind.

Our Recommendation for Improved Concentration

Frequency: 14 Hz

Duration: 12 Minutes


Music is a powerful companion when it comes to creative work. Binaural Rhythms, specifically designed to stimulate creativity, send a frequency signal directly to the part of your brain responsible for creativity.

If you use Binaural Beats to stimulate your creativity, you can quickly and naturally access your creative reserves.

When you work in a creative field such as writing, poetry, music, songwriting, painting, or design, Binaural Beats can help you reach phases where you feel inspired and stress-free very fast.

Our Recommendation for More Creativity

Frequency: 10 Hz

Duration: 6 Minutes


People whose brains produce more gamma waves can concentrate better and have better focus and memory.

To tackle problems with memory, researchers and scientists have recommended the use of meditation supported by Binaural Beats at 40 Hz. This stimulates broken connections between neurons to heal and repair themselves.

In addition, gamma waves support spatial imagination.

Binaural Beats can also improve other types of memory:

The working memory, which is responsible for the temporary reception and processing of information, reacts positively to Binaural Beats within the alpha frequency.

Long-term memory improves with Binaural Beats at a beta frequency and worsens with tones in the theta frequency range.
Verbal memory is the part of your mind that is responsible for your choice of words and communication. It increases after only 15 minutes of Binaural Beats with the theta frequency.

Our Recommendation for Improved Memory

  • Short-term: 15 Minutes at 5 Hz
  • Long-term: 12 Minutes at 20 Hz

We understand that it doesn’t sound natural to consciously manipulate your brain, but it’s totally harmless for most people.

The only dangers of Binaural Beats come from already existing diseases. Especially people with serious nerve diseases and epileptics should keep their hands off them, as it can lead to dangerous seizures.

Children should also refrain from listening to Binaural Beats. A child’s brain is still developing, which can lead to unwanted side effects. Although a child may not have had any seizures or signs of other diseases, these may develop as the child grows.

Therefore, in most cases, it’s uncertain whether a child will suffer from such diseases. If you still want your child to hear Binaural Music, talk to your pediatrician beforehand and have your child thoroughly checked.

Binaural Beats can also affect the heart rhythm. That’s why anyone with a pacemaker or heart problem should not use such beats at all or should only use them with special care. If you suffer from cardiac diseases, please talk to your doctor first.

However, these are not risks that apply to everyone. Binaural Beats are not dangerous for most people.

One last safety note: use Binaural Sounds only in situations where you don’t have to take quick decisions. Do not listen to them while you are driving, for example. The meditative state they put you in will influence your ability to react and can possibly lead to accidents.

Binaural Beats are an imaginary sound generated by your brain when two different frequencies are used simultaneously. Ultimately, the frequency difference determines what effect they will have on your mind.

Depending on the effect you want to create, the duration and frequency you need to hear varies.