Hypnosis can help with many kinds of addictive, obsessive and compulsive behaviors, from chocolate to shopping, from cleaning to gambling.

We will give you the tools and knowledge to confidently address addiction and obsession issues and help to turn lives around. The psychological, emotional drivers that lead people into addictions and compulsions as a way of getting important needs met in their lives are highly amenable to transformation in a therapeutic setting.

Adrenaline Addiction
Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
Caffeine Addiction
Cannabis Addiction
Chewing Tobacco Addiction
Chocolate Addiction
Cocaine Addiction Treatment
Compulsive Hand Washing
Compulsive Hoarding
Diminish Alcohol Abuse
Energy Drink Addiction
Exercise Addiction
Gambling Addiction
Gaming Addiction
Heroin Addiction Treatment
Internet Addiction
Masturbation Addiction
Moderate Drinking
News Addiction
Nicotine Addiction Treatment
Obsessive Checking
Obsessive Compulsive Cleaning
OCD Treatment
Overcome Music Addiction
Overcome Religious Guilt
Painkiller Addiction
Party Without Alcohol
Porn Addiction
Sensorimotor OCD
Shopping Addiction
Slot Machine Addiction
Social Networking Addiction
Stay off Alcohol
Stop Obsessive Thoughts

We offer you a hypnotherapy service that is complementary to alternative medicine in which the mind is used to help with a variety of problems, such as breaking bad habits or coping with stress.