This 7 Weeks program to Overcoming Anxiety has been designed to help you enjoy life to its fullest and to develop a much more balanced attitude towards yourself and the world around you.

Anxiety is a reflection of your mental or emotional state. Balance, self-respect and self-acceptance are the cornerstones to achieving optimal freedom from anxiety for you, your subconscious mind will believe the negative programming.

Anxiety affects everyone. For you it may be a minor issue but still unpleasant, or it might be a major problem that causes you great distress.

The symptoms of anxiety are numerous, including: muscle tension, stomach problems, constant worry, and difficulty in sleeping to name but a few. If we allow these symptoms to persist then we can be vulnerable to a wide range of illnesses.

So how can you change this and achieve greater calmness? Well, change comes from within and our 7 Weeks Program to Overcoming Anxiety helps promote your natural ability to adapt and change.

This remarkable course uses some of the most up-to-date techniques from hypnotherapy and psychotherapy as well as many other well-proven methods to give you the best possible chance of overcoming anxiety and making wonderful changes to your life and your way of living.

7 Week Overcoming Anxiety Program Booking

This unique 7 Week program can help you to:

  • Learn to live in the present moment.
  • Release yourself from your thoughts.
  • Let go of any unresolved past memories.
  • Improve your bodies’ heart-rate variability.
  • Effectively ‘burn’ away tension in your system.
  • Discover ways of thinking that promote calmness.
  • Experience deep relaxation – physically and mentally.

Let’s explore the contents of each week to discover how they’ll help you overcome anxiety.

Week 1 – Exercise and Diet

Week 1 hypnosis session helps you to effectively ‘burn’ away tension in your system. Although relaxation is very important in helping overcome anxiety, you do best when you are physically active. Do note that although a lot of exercise is usually better than a little, even a small amount can be beneficial not only in terms of your general health but also in helping you to become calmer and less anxious.

The hypnotherapy techniques used within this session shall help you look at ways of exercising that will be rewarding and satisfying, so you’ll be motivated to keep doing them even when your anxiety levels are far lower than they are now. In addition, this hypnotherapy session can help you enjoy healthier eating. This effects anxiety considerably, because what we eat and drink can have a strong effect on how we feel. This self hypnosis recording makes it more enjoyable for you to make these shifts.

Week 2 – Achieving Calmness

Week 2 hypnosis session helps you to relax. This is not solely about relaxing physically, but also about relaxing mentally. This hypnosis session, when combined with some of the others, will help you detach from your thoughts so that they no longer have such control over you. In addition, you’ll learn how to prepare for situations that may cause you anxiety so that you feel calmer when they occur in the future.

Week 3 – Dealing with the Past

Week 3 hypnosis session is perhaps the most important of all because when it comes to overcoming anxiety, clearing away unresolved memories can leave you feeling so much calmer. Recent discoveries about how the mind deals with memories allow you to achieve this remarkable shift. We use a range of therapeutic approaches to help you overcome anxiety, including helping you to find alternative interpretations to the one you used at the time of a troublesome event. In the open-minded state of hypnosis you’ll be gently and pleasantly guided to find a memory that explains this – the ones that are most valuable are usually from your early days.

The way you once thought may have been the only way you could think at that time, but now you have the chance to realize that there were other ways of thinking. Usually we could give an event other meanings that are equally credible. So there is no correct meaning, only possible ways of seeing an event. This realization will make the destructive belief fade away because you no longer are driven by it, thus helping to reduce any anxiety associated with it.

Week 4 – Living in the Present

Week 4 hypnosis session will help you deal with one of the main ways by which we become anxious. You probably know the saying, ‘We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.’ This neatly conveys this idea – when we’re anxious we’re trying to deal with a problem that exists in the past or the future, but because it has gone or has yet to come, we cannot do anything with it – we’re trying to cross a bridge that we’re not actually on. Our mind may therefore go round in circles but this never achieves anything because the problem does not exist at this time so we can’t do anything with it.

Let’s take an example, imagine that you argued with a friend last week. It’s good to think back to what happened, see whether you can learn anything from this, and then make plans for making things work better in future. Sadly, this is not how we tend to address these images of this past event. Instead we treat what happened as though it is still happening now, going over and over the same thoughts, and even when we do think of something else we keep coming back to the same old thinking pattern.

This hypnosis session seeks to help you realize that the event with your friend does not exist – it did, but it no longer does. It’s dead and gone. So treating it as though it’s alive is like trying to discuss something with a dead body.

Once we can see the past as a fertile ground for learning then we can deal with it accordingly: like an instruction book that helps us do better in the future. Likewise, our thinking about the future can cause anxiety.

Instead of making plans based on how we expect things to be, we instead can imagine a failure that did not happen, has not happened, and is unlikely to happen. We then run this same disaster scenario repeatedly until we feel exhausted by the anxiety it creates. So living in the present is not about refusing to look at what has happened – rather, it’s about recollecting past events for enjoyment or for learning. Nor is it about refusing to look at what might happen in the future – rather, it’s about using these images to make plans.

This hypnosis session uses advanced hypnotherapy techniques that seek to help you do these desirable things and spend more time in the present.

Week 5 – Letting Go of Demands

Week 5 hypnosis session helps you deal with a type of thinking that has probably caused much of your anxiety in the past. These are something called ‘demand thoughts’ and they create nearly all of our anxiety. This deeply relaxing, yet powerful hypnotherapy recording helps you discover what these thoughts are and how to break free from them, so you can develop a different way of thinking that will promote calmness and tranquility.

Week 6 – Relaxing the Mind

Week 6 hypnosis session helps you improve something called Heart-Rate Variability, which is now shown to be of great importance in good health. Good Heart-Rate Variability also improves the ability of the mind to work in a more considered way so that you can, with practice, achieve calmness in the most difficult of situations. During this hypnotherapy session you will also learn how to dissolve negative thoughts using this process, which can be extremely helpful in helping you overcome anxiety.

Week 7 – Releasing Yourself from Your Thoughts

Week 7 hypnosis session helps you change your relationship with your thoughts so you gain greater control over them and they lose their power to cause you unnecessary anxiety. This recording uses a new approach to dealing with burdensome thoughts that makes it easier to put you back in control – so that when you become more aware of your thoughts, they act as guides in your life, but no longer dictate to you.

Live a calmer, more satisfying life!

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7 Week Overcoming Anxiety Program Booking

Disclaimer: Please remember that everybody is different and therefore results and response times do vary from person to person.

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