Your intuition needs to be exercised, just like a muscle. Learn how to develop your intuition by following these five tips.

Intuitive skills are inside all of us. Intuition is always there for us, to guide, protect, and help us develop. As we grow into adulthood, we may push this intuition to the side to conform to what society says we should do. The more we do this, the less we tend to listen to that little voice or those gut feelings.

And like anything else in life, when you stop using it, you can lose it. A muscle must move, an eye must see, a brain must think; the same holds true for the intuitive process.

Here are five ways you can develop intuition.

Meditation can be beneficial for almost anything in life, including helping you access intuition.

There are several states of consciousness described in Silva Method. Beta is a normal level of consciousness.

Alpha is relaxed awareness, theta is a state of meditative trance, and delta is a state of transcendental experience. Of these four mental states, alpha is the level that helps you learn, memorize, interact, and read the thoughts and emotions of others and yourself. The alpha state of the brain also relates to meditation. A daily meditation practice helps you control this alpha state, and therefore control the intuitive process.

Cultivate a Healthy Pineal Gland
The pineal gland is a small gland in the brain the size of a grain of rice. If you place one finger on your third eye and one just above your ear, and you could have the two fingers meet in the brain, this is the location. The pineal gland regulates your circadian rhythm and helps your brain enter the meditation state easier by the alpha state of consciousness.

For optimal health of this gland, try these steps:

Avoid Fluoride: Fluoride builds up on the pineal gland, calcifying and reducing, or eliminating altogether, the intuitive function. Fluoride is in our public water system as well as in toothpaste. Although the toothpaste is not being consumed it does soak into the bloodstream through the gums. This also holds true for the shower, hot tubs, etc. Skin is our largest organ; turning on the hot water opens pores and welcomes the fluoride into the bloodstream, circulating onto the pineal gland.

Tune Your Chakra: The third-eye Chakra, or the Ajna, is the area to concentrate on for heightened intuitive abilities. Balance in this area can be tuned by daily meditation and yoga practices. Up the intensity of tuning by incorporating the color indigo around the home and office, carry or wear healing crystals such as an amethyst, and consciously focus your mind on the area between the eyebrows (Ajna) each day.

Make it a Game
Think of simple items, colors, or situations. Create the vision in your mind and watch as your intuition guides you through certain scenarios. For your first try, notice how long it takes for your intuition to speak to you. Keep notes in a journal. Notice if the answers to certain items or situations come faster than others. If so, what do they have in common?

Play with these optional outcomes and try to gain an object, this time faster than the previous effort. For example, you may think of the color pink. You walk outside to check the mail and your gut tells you to look to your left. There you notice a pink Cadillac drive by, that had you continued to focus on the route to the mailbox, you might have missed. Keep your goals simple; it will help you receive answers on a more regular basis because the game is more likely to hold your attention. As the intuitive muscle builds and subconscious declines, you can increase the complexity of your goals.

This is, of course, purposely manifesting. Manifestation is the main reason to tune your intuition. For example, saying, “I am always safe” is an affirmation of a specific manifestation, and the intuition will guide you through the road of safety. Making a game of this intuitive strength will create excitement, show the universe this is a goal, and keep you focused.

Focus plus intention equals results.

Live in the Now
It becomes difficult for your intuition to speak to you if your mind is in the past or the future.

Consider this quote from Lao Tzu: “If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.”

The gift intuition works best when the mind is in the present. Pain caused in the past can take over the mind. The future can seem frightening. What is on the other side of today or even an hour from now? At this point even when the intuitive process could send you signals loud and clear, your fear will allow the subconscious mind to override those signals.

When depression or anxiety creeps into your thoughts, repeat the above quote. The “now” is the place where intuition resides. Your higher self has no concept of our earthly time.

Talk to Your Higher Self
Intuition is yourself, your higher self, that is. Creator, the Universe, or your soul are all patiently waiting your instruction, more than happy to guide you. So why don’t humans just have gold rolling out of every home, happy relationships, and eternal good health? Humans have forgotten how to communicate such things to the universe.

Ask yourself, “Am I sending the message of what I want or am I vibrating what I’m worried about?” The universe may end up giving you the signals that send you to all the wrong places.

How do you speak to yourself? Do you say ‘I am always sick’ or ‘I love being healthy’? Consider and consciously choose your inner dialogue and language. In both statements, you may really want to be healthy. But the statements vary, and they send different signals to the Universe. Choose your dialogue wisely to ensure your desires don’t get skewed.

Your intuition is your own personal GPS, built in with 24/7 access. Continue to charge the power, program the software, and input the correct data and you will succeed.

Some of the above steps will take practice and patience, but will be well worth it. Your personal intuition will become like a magical wand; you’ll wonder how you moved through life without it.

Intuition is not for the spiritually gifted, those who meditate all day, or those with relaxed lives. It’s a tool for each and every one of us … Now use it!