We offer you a Stop Binge Eating X14 Program with Affirmations and Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones with Subliminal Messages.

Stop your binge eating for good and start a healthier lifestyle with the help of this mind penetrating meditation session.

  • Do you find yourself binge eating a lot?
  • Do you constantly think about food?
  • Do you berate yourself every time you binge eat?
  • Is your binge eating affecting your life in a negative way?
  • Would you like a way to stop binge eating forever?

At this very moment you may be thinking that it is impossible to stop binge eating, and you may feel a little scared about stopping it. That’s because your mind has set a pattern of binge eating which is affecting the every area of your life.

It’s scary having to stop something in order to become healthy again, especially when you have used it as an emotional crutch for so long. But imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t binge eat, and how that would make you feel.

Guided meditations can help you by replacing negative images and movies in your mind, with positive images and movies.

Using this guided meditation will help you:

  • Stop binge eating altogether and lead a more healthy lifestyle. When you stop binging your mind no longer constantly thinks about food, and you will gradually cut down before eliminating binge eating altogether.
  • Stop the constant cravings that seem to take over your mind. We will help you to break the pattern of binging to stop those, sometimes painful, cravings.
  • Realize that your binge eating is fulfilling another need. You will begin to realize exactly why you binge eat and what emotional need it is filling in your life.
  • Regain the confidence in yourself you once had. When you constantly think about food, you no longer feel in control. This meditation will help you regain control again.
  • Using guided meditation and implanting powerful images and movies in your mind will set a new pattern in your brain, a pattern that lives without binging, and can eat more healthy.

What to Expect
The first part of this meditation begins with a complete mind and body relaxation session which will help to make you feel calm, relaxed and at peace, and slow your mind down to access the unconscious mind.

The second section will see you visiting a beautiful, remote, castle in the countryside, on a beautiful summers day. This will strengthen your visualization skills for the next section.

The final section will see you meeting a special person and having a conversation with them about your binge eating. You will then learn to disasocciate certain foods with pleasure. See changes within 14 days.

Short Term
The first time you listen to this meditation you will realize the power that this meditation can have, and how it is going to help you stop your binge eating.

After listening to this meditation for 14 days you will have broken the pattern of binge eating, and learned to disassociate certain foods with pleasure.

Long Term
Ultimately the goal of this meditation is to cut out your binge eating altogether which will change your life in a subtle, yet very powerful way.

Please READ the Affirmations when you are awake and every night for the next 14 nights listen to the Binaural Beats recording on your phone softly at night when you are asleep and see a changes take place.

Disclaimer: Please remember that everybody is different and therefore results and response times do vary from person to person.

Stop Binge Eating Program with Affirmations and Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones with Subliminal Messages – Cost is R450.00

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