Hypnotherapy is well known for healing trauma and pain relief. Hypnosis is also extremely valuable in working with sports enhancement, weight loss, motivation, self-esteem, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, increased confidence, smoking, phobias and stress related issues.

Weight Loss with Hypnosis

With Hypnosis you can! – Free Yourself – Learn The Secret Of How To Lose Weight Naturally and Permanently with our.

Six Session Weight Loss Program

  • Naturally eat smaller portions
  • Stop snacking on unhealthy foods
  • Stop comfort eating
  • Overcome sweet tooth / sugar addiction
  • Let go of unhealthy eating habits
  • Find the energy to start excising
  • Permanently lose weight and keep it of
  • Do All Those Things You Missed Out On Last Summer!

Millions of people worldwide have benefited from using hypnosis to lose weight and reach their weight loss goals naturally and easily.

Studies have shown that your subconscious mind is 30 000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. Hypnosis is a wonderful way to tap into this powerhouse to bring about the changes you want to see in your life. Change your relationship with food and with your body. Free yourself today.

The program includes:

  • Taking an individual case history and relevant background info
  • Evaluation and assessment of reasons / biology of weight gain (each client is evaluated individually)
  • An individual structured session plan based on your individual needs and to achieve your goal
  • Explanation of the physiology of the body and how to lose weight for good (hint: diets don’t work)
  • Change your relationship with food / how you view food
  • Letting go of guilt and other negative thought patterns which hinder us from feeling good about ourselves
  • Resolving emotional eating & emotional issues where needed
  • Exercise motivation
  • Improved self-esteem and self-acceptance (where this is an issue)
  • A printed handout with interesting and relevant information each week


  1. Chris

    How many sessions do I need to do in the weight loss program?

    Regards Chris

    • Hypnosis Support

      Welcome to the Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Center

      You will need to have an assessment first but normally you will need to do about 4 Sessions.

      Please call me on 0720390184 to make a booking.

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