There are many reasons why people develop repetitive habits like hair pulling. Many such habits are completely harmless and inconsequential.

Occasionally a habit can become quite destructive. Hair pulling (trichotillomania) is one of these. In severe cases it can cause bleeding, bald spots, and significant hair loss.

But stopping it can sometimes be difficult. This is partly because the habit is unconscious – the hair puller may not even notice that they are pulling their hair. It’s hard to stop doing something when you don’t even notice that you are doing it!

Our Hair Pulling Hypnosis Sessions has been put together to help overcome such unconscious patterns, and is effective and enjoyable.

Attention is drawn to the sensations experienced during a hair pulling session. These are vividly elaborated and brought into full awareness. Aspects of this experience are then evoked in a different pattern, and attention drawn to the weakening effect this has on the urge to carry out the hair pulling.

Deep relaxation is then induced through a simple counting and visualization process and elements of the self are called upon to exercise protection and care for hair and head. The resulting new experiences are vividly rehearsed to embed them in the mind.

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