Weight Management – Hypnotherapy is very effective in helping client to attain and maintain their ideal weight.

In most cases weight issues and eating disorders are a direct result of some form of underlying trauma. This may be huge trauma, or a simple comment that was made to a child – we do not judge the supposed severity of these events. Together we uncover and re-frame them so they no longer serve as a subconscious motivator.

I do not in any way promote fad diets or medication – that should be decided with your selected medical professional.

Two or three sessions are usually required over the span of eight months to a year depending on each clients needs, and the weight management system is approached in the same manor as the addiction therapy with specific suggestions tailored to the clients requirements.

Periodically a group weight management seminar is held. This involves group hypnosis session as well as nutrition and diet lectures to help delegates to understand their bodies and how they process food.

If you choose to join a group or have individual consultations, hypnotherapy is an effective and long lasting way to manage weight!