Focusing on the rhythm of your breathing is another way to help you fall asleep. The following steps allow you to take advantage of this method of becoming relaxed at bedtime.

1. Lie down in bed and start to focus on the relaxation that you feel as you exhale your breath.

2. Feel your bed supporting you as you step down into a relaxed state while you exhale.

3. As you become more relaxed, focus your exhales and notice how you feel when you do them. Examples of sensations might include sinking into the bed, a feeling of things slowing down, a feeling of heaviness, or even sometimes feeling like you have more patience.

4. As you become relaxed, start to imagine that your breath is made up of colors. Watch as you breathe in and out and see those colors matching your breath. Don’t force anything or try to put your own box around it – just let yourself slip into the experience and see what comes up in your mind.

5. Focus only on your breath until you fall asleep.

It may sound simple, but imagery is a powerful way to relax and should always be considered helpful when you are engaging in breathing exercises to help yourself slow down before bed.