This script is derived from one I found within a pile of material given to
me in 1991 by Michael Carr-Jones. It is ideal for the situation when the
client is very ill, perhaps with a terminal illness.

And now … as you become less aware of your physical body …
you become more aware of your own perfect and pure … subconscious mind that really does know everything about you … and
that subconscious part of you now opens … like a blossom opening … to receive … to accept and to act on all the positive affirmations … concepts and images that I will suggest for you … as you
drift deeper now.

As you drift deeper with every word that I speak … your subconscious mind is fully alert … active and alive both day and night …
creating new energy … health and healing abilities allowing your
body to rest … repair and regenerate … allowing you to adopt all
those positive outlooks which are for your highest good and

Drifting even deeper now you allow your mind to become peaceful … calm and comfortable … as your body becomes rested … at
ease … and now you can imagine yourself in a beautiful place … a
place of comfort … peace and tranquillity … of safety and of healing … a warm woodland glade where you can feel comfortable …
your mind and body rested … a place where you can return at any
time … and you feel that you belong here … that you are valued
and loved here … and those feelings comfort you so you are
pleased to drift deeper now.

As you drift and move deeper into this place … the ground soft
and springy beneath your step … the sunlight diffused by the
branches and the foliage of the trees … the subtle sounds of the
wonders of nature calming you … causing you to easily let go and
rest so deeply now … you find yourself by a pool of crystal clear
water … The pool is filled with natural spring water that is heated
by nature’s own forces … Steam rises from its gently bubbling

surface … The pool looks so inviting and so comforting … restful
and peaceful and you can begin to see … sense or imagine yourself easing into the waters of the pool … You find a convenient
rocky ledge that supports you and you feel so light … weightless
here as the soothing waters rise to cover your chest and your
shoulders … You have no concerns or fears … as the water bubbles
around your body massaging and comforting every part of you.

The gentle heat of the waters relax you … soothe you … and you
sense the gentle stimulation of the swirling waters … the bubbles
massage your skin with a gentle penetrating warmth as the soft
sensation surrounds you … penetrating deep into your muscles …
into your bones … soothing your nerves … working on every cell
and every fibre of your being … causing you to relax even more
deeply than before as the waters swirl and the gentle heat penetrates deep within you … releasing all discomfort and pain …
washed away by the gentle healing flow.

You relax even deeper now allowing the massaging effect of the
healing waters to concentrate on those parts of you … joints and
muscles that have been causing you pain and discomfort … and
you feel those parts relax as the discomfort is soothed away … you
experience a sense of release … freedom … peace and comfort that
permeates your whole being.

You settle even deeper into relaxation now as the waters continue
to massage … to calm and comfort you … every part of your body
now is free of discomfort and of pain … you feel so comfortable
now as pain and discomfort continue to flow away from you …
your body becomes calmer … more peaceful … allowing itself to
repair and to heal … I am going to stop speaking now … allowing
you some quiet time for yourself to continue to bathe in that soothing … warming water as it massages you and you continue now
to allow all pain and discomfort to simply flow away.

Wait for a few minutes, allowing the client to relax and enjoy the healing

And now … you are feeling so rested … comforted … so completely relaxed … and you can see … sense or imagine yourself
leaving the warm waters of the pool … knowing that you can

return at any time … and as you recline now on a grassy bank …
the ground soft beneath you … supporting you … you feel warm
and comfortable … tranquil and relaxed … gazing into the blue of
the sky above … fixing your attention now onto a low cloud overhead.
The cloud acts for you like a cinema screen … and onto the screen
you can see projected the image of your body … and you see this
image with those areas of your body that have been causing you
pain and discomfort … clearly defined … Now your breathing
slows … as your body rests … You see those areas clearly defined
… now bathed in a warm and gentle … soft blue light … a light
that surrounds those areas … covers those areas of discomfort …
bathing them in a healing aura that begins to shrink … to diminish … and you know that as that healing aura diminishes … that
light is absorbing all the causes and reasons for your discomfort …
just as sponge absorbs water … and you watch as these pools of
light grow smaller and smaller … continuing to shrink with each
outward breath … with each gentle beat of your heart … growing
smaller now … as that sense of relief … of release … increases and
you know that you are freeing yourself easily from discomfort

Allow the light to absorb more and more discomfort … drawing it
in … cleansing freeing and leaving pleasurable sensations as the
light shrinks down to just small dots … Now you watch and
observe the dots and the pain and discomfort contained within the
dots … and as you watch … these dots burst open … changing to
a gentle blue mist that flows outward from your body … rising
towards the sun which evaporates them … eliminating them …
and you feel totally free now.

And as you bring your attention back to the screen … you see that
your body is completely bathed in white light now … the blue
light is all gone and this white light acts as a silky … creamy ointment that lubricates your joints … soothes your muscles and
cleanses every cell and every fibre of your being … your nerves are
soothed and calmed … and every part of you continues to relax …
and your perfect subconscious mind is instructed and activated
now to make peace … relief and comfort … and freedom your natural way of being as it continues to work … night and day to make

this reality … directing relief as and where needed … anticipating
your body’s needs … doing all that is needed to keep you comfortable and relaxed.
And now … as you continue to watch that screen … I want you to
allow another image to appear … an image that represents the
healing … comfort and release that has taken place … Allow this
image to develop … becoming clearer … more vivid … and now
imagine this healing image becoming stronger now … more powerful … more vivid … Focus clearly and powerfully on this image
and sense … feel and imagine that it is taking place right in your
body in just the right areas … Let the sensation be one of healing
… know that this is happening right now … and that healing …
happiness and comfort continue within you whether you are here
resting … sleeping or going about your daily activities … know
that healing … comfort and pleasant sensations are your reality.

And so it is that healing … comfort … happiness and pleasant sensations are your reality … and you realise and understand that
your body and mind are always alert … and if any situation arises
within your body that requires your attention … then that information is communicated to you … quickly … accurately and with
the minimum of discomfort.

And your pure subconscious mind knows that once attention has
been drawn to an area that needs attention … and that you have
acknowledged that pain and discomfort are no longer productive
… it will release them … allowing you to maintain your feelings of
peace … relaxation and comfort.

I am now going to give you some trigger words … that will act as
a post hypnotic conditioned response … Whenever you want to
boost your positive thinking … intensify your subconscious activity in producing good feelings … and wellness … you simply close
your eyes … breathe deeply … exhale slowly and say to yourself
… easy control … You breathe deeply … exhale slowly and you
say to yourself … easy control and these words act as a conditioned response signal that informs your subconscious that it
needs to create immediately … a feeling of wellness … feelings of
freedom … comfort.

As you leave this place now … you feel yourself moving into a
bright new day … a brand new day where you enjoy now a feeling of higher attitude … more positivity … an almost overwhelming sense of wellbeing … and you sense calm … acknowledge that
you belong and that you are happy … that you can create your
own reality now … and the following words … concepts … affirmations and images profoundly impress your pure and perfect
subconscious mind … becoming activated now in your every
thought and activity … natural behaviour:

• You are relaxed, calm and happy.
• This is a good day for you … any discomfort is immediately
• Your body relaxes naturally … each day as you practise your
programmed relaxation … you become more relaxed … more
skilled at relaxing and your deep signal breath and your natural state of relaxation become effective protection against discomfort.
• A new door in your life stands open before you now as you
naturally see the best in all situations.
• You deserve to be healthy … you deserve to be loved and you
are a stronger wiser person because of your experiences …
because of the tests and challenges placed upon your mind
and body.
• Your thoughts are healing … nurturing … and you now
release the past to make way for a glorious new present
moment … love and healing fill and surround every cell and
fibre of your being.
• You are confident and optimistic as you say goodbye to past
fears and you embrace change … accepting that everything is
part of your natural evolution … ultimately leading to your
highest good.
• You now release your fears and insecurities and replace them
with faith and confidence.
• You are free and you choose to accept peace … health and happiness… to be your natural condition.
• Your sleep is relaxed and refreshed and you awake to each
new day determined to live each moment in perfect happiness
and joy.
• You grow stronger and every day at a more subtle level … you
are naturally healing.
• Your cellular memory is focused now on positivity … on
health and on wellbeing.
• Your mind is charged with healing goals that permeate every
cell of your body.
• You feel good about yourself … day and night … directing
healing thoughts and energies throughout your entire being
images … producing a satisfying … calmer and more productive life as you create joy … happiness and peace and calm in
every waking moment … learning from the past … unafraid of
the future … and happy in the only moment that has true
meaning for you … the present one … a true gift to you.

Trance termination.