Ascension from the 3D to the 5D realm refers to a shift in consciousness, where individuals move from perceiving the world solely through the lens of physicality to embracing a more expansive and interconnected perspective.

This transition involves recognizing the inherent interconnectedness of all things, accessing higher states of consciousness, and embodying love, compassion, and unity.

Many people in the spiritual world are using buzz words like 3d reality vs. 5d consciousness and talking about how chaotic the “ascension” process is. What exactly does this mean and more importantly, why should we care?

In this post, you will get an intro to 5d consciousness, what is 5d, 3d 4d 5d reality and what it feels like to navigate them all.

Living In A 3D Reality

Many (most) people have been living in what we know as third-dimensional reality. This is our day-to-day life without the awareness of our spiritual selves.

This means that much of your day can feel stressful, and life overall can feel exhausting.

In a 3d reality, a large focus is on gain. This reflects the hustle culture where the primary concern is how to get more money, fame, power, and so on.

If most of your awareness is in a 3d reality many of your 60,000 or so thoughts often float back into the worried past or jump forward into a fearful future.

If you recognize parts of yourself in the 3d world, don’t stress! Many people were raised to believe that the higher our status the more the world would “reward” us.

The problem with this type of thinking is that it usually leads to burnout and unanswered questions about why we are really here and how to find real joy in life.

Living in a third-dimensional reality can feel like you are not connected to your purpose, the planet, and the people around you.

A feeling of never enough existing and the search for more continues.

What Is Ascension?

Many of us are beginning to wake up inside of our 3d reality and realize that there is much more going on than meets the eye.

Like lifting a veil, our attention and awareness are beginning to shift from “me” to “we” and people are waking up to a new reality.

When you begin to ascend your awareness shifts from a 3d to 5d reality. The “D” just means dimension, moving from one level of awareness to another.

The planet is changing incredibly fast and everyone is feeling this shift in some way or another. It can feel both amazing and exhausting.

Having a spiritual practice can make the ascension feel a bit easier to navigate.

Either way, the ascension from 3D to 5D is a good thing. It is a chance and opportunity for all of us to level up.

It means we can no longer hide in the shadows of the 3rd dimension. The person we have defined ourselves to be. The box we have kept ourselves inside is now too small.

We are literally being forced to own up to that which no longer serves us and let it go.

5d Consciousness

Many miraculous things occur in 5D. Not only does our energy change from heavy thoughts and emotions, but our actual physical body sheds weight (energy) and can take on an almost crystallized form.

Light beings exist in the 5d realm and many humans are becoming connected with this type of energy. Light beings are awakened souls in human form. With this gift, you can shed light to the places on Earth that are most dark.

The more we let go of the heaviness of 3d and embrace the lightness of 5d the more we recognize that we ourselves are beings of light.

That is not to suggest that in 5d there is no more shadow, quite the opposite actually. In 5d you simply do not fear the shadow anymore and have the tools to navigate and even embrace the darkness.

We may also find that we have a strong connection to our purpose like never before and truly want to help shift the energy and vibration on planet Earth.

When we enter the world of 5d we receive many upgrades. Synchronicity is the new norm and communication is found on a more psychic plane. We become activated in all of our chakras and “finding balance” is not necessary and no longer feels like a chore, it is simply there.

In 5d you feel immense joy and true freedom as a human being, yet also connected to the cosmos and other realms of awareness in time and space.

In fact, time does not have the same meaning in 5d as it does in 3d.

There is a great shift that occurs that enables us to vibrate in such a way so as to truly explore the depths of our spirituality.

When we rely solely on time as we know it we can box ourselves in, in the 5d awareness, we expand past this definition and enable ourselves to dive deeper.

Ascension is not always pretty. It can feel quite painful actually.

This is why the ascension from 3D to 5D is so important at this time in history. We are all looking for change on both a micro and macro scale. Individual and universal. It is time.

Everything you want, the highest version of yourself that you have been seeking is on the other side of 3D.

The reality is that most of us are bouncing back and forth from 3D to 5D to 4D and so on. On the surface, this may look and feel like total alignment one day and a complete wreck the next.

The ascension process is not linear. There is no straightforward way to get where you are headed and there is no final destination. Because we are always expanding there will always be more to process, learn and experience.

Very very few are in 5D right now and that’s the beauty of it! We all came back to planet earth at this specific time and this specific place FOR A REASON. All of us are helping each other through this ascension process.

So, it is important not to compare your progress or your path to 5D to anyone else’s.

It is not supposed to look the same. Honor your uniqueness and although it may sound hard, honor your struggles!

Every time a challenge comes up, stop and ask yourself, “Why is this being shown to me?” “How can I navigate this with grace?” “How can I have compassion for myself and anyone else involved?”

It is so important to remember we are all navigating this new energy, and others may not always handle it as easily as you!

What Is 4D?

The fourth dimension is the bridge that joins the third and fifth dimensions together.

It is where we get to make sense of everything happening in 3D in a way that isn’t focused solely on ego, rather our higher self has much more of a say in things.

The fourth dimension serves as a buffer where a lot of processing and inner work takes place. If we went straight from 3 to 5d it would feel overwhelming and disorienting.

Angels, spirit guides, and higher realms of awareness exist in 4D. We can work with these guides and they help us grow. They are slowly stretching our minds and bodies to become accustomed to this beautiful energy.

The 4th dimension is where we can contemplate the shadow self without getting sucked back into the actual shadow.

In the fourth dimension, you are getting an upgrade. You are tapping into the higher chakras, like the heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

You receive guidance regularly and in a way that feels clear to you. This is why it is so important to keep up with your spiritual practice. There will be less bounce back and forth.

The nice part about 4d is that you begin to understand that you cannot make a mistake. Life itself is simply an experience.

In the fourth dimension, you can gather tools to help ease the struggles of 3d.

What are the best 4D tools?

They will look different to everyone.

Meditation, yoga, getting lost in a beautiful song, swimming in the ocean, walking your dog, dancing. Doing the activities that propel you into the present moment.

This is all the work of 4d. The work of the fourth dimension will look different for everyone because even though we might be experiencing similar struggles our paths on planet Earth are very different.

In 4D you get to experience the closeness of who you truly are and what your real desires, likes, and dislikes are.

You literally get to create a toolkit that helps you and it doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s.

4D is where you will feel the vast difference between 3 and 5d energy. Where you will connect with the universal flow of energy and see your truest desires begin to manifest with ease and grace.

As individuals seek a more profound connection with themselves and the world around them, the concept of ascension from 3D to 5D has gained significant recognition. Embracing a holistic approach to life can facilitate this transformative journey, allowing individuals to tap into higher states of consciousness and interconnectedness.

We provide valuable resources and tools for personal growth and spiritual development. Individuals can embark on a path of self-discovery, expand their consciousness, and embrace the potential of the 5D realm.

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