How can Mind Power help us to achieve goals? Quite simply, we tend to get what we focus on. If anything in this life is achievable then by directing Mind Power it can be achieved. But first we have to BELIEVE that we can achieve.

If I want to do something and I tell myself I can’t do it, then I will fail. Unless, by a small chance something miraculous happens to put my goal in my path. And even then, I may fail if I don’t believe I can succeed.

But when I tell myself, ‘yes I CAN do this’ – ‘it is a certainty that I can SUCCEED’ – then I am already half way up the mountain. The summit will be reached by work and determination but knowing it can be reached makes that journey easy and enjoyable.

What often happens is that many people are so used to being put down in life, especially during those early years when the personality is being formed, and so they believe that everyone else is better than they are. The teachers, the parents, the big brothers and sisters and so on – they all know better. . .

Unfortunately these are not always the best teachers. With the best intentions in the world, a parent or teacher can destroy a child’s self-confidence and install a lifelong pattern of self-doubt.

SO – to achieve YOUR goals – forget about other people’s lessons in life (and I know I’m going to be criticized for saying that). What is right for one person is not necessarily right for another (one man’s meat. . .) . .Wipe the slate clean and START AGAIN – believing in yourself.

State Your Intentions

Decide upon your goal; then say it aloud, or write it down. This is known as GROUNDING. Taking it from the thought form to the material form is the first step towards achievement.

State your Goal or your Intentions in a Positive framework. For example, ‘I am successful’ rather than ‘I am not going to fail’. This means you will be pointing that Mind Power in the right direction – i.e. success.

Visualize yourself as already having achieved that goal. If your ambition is to be a top tennis player, for example, see yourself being presented with a trophy after winning the World Cup. Don’t short measure yourself, always aim for the top. If your ambition is to make lots of money, see yourself checking your six or seven figure bank statement, looking at your mansion, riding that sports car or whatever.

Think about the steps that are needed to achieve that goal. Unless it’s something really easy, you’re not going to jump from where you are now right up to the top. So realistically decide what needs to be done. For instance, if your goal is to lose three stone in weight, you’re not going to do this unless you make some changes in your lifestyle. This could be:- eating smaller meals, exercising, cutting out junk food, stopping snacking or comfort eating, etc.

Starting with Step One, visualize yourself (in hypnosis, preferably), taking this First Step. Add all the necessary components to your mental image. If your First Step was to eat more healthily, visualize yourself shopping for healthy foods, selecting those crisp, fresh vegetables or salad from the supermarket, preparing them – put in the aroma, the smell of fresh herbs – really imagine this, and imagine that wonderful taste in your mouth and how good you feel as you digest this healthy food – don’t forget the touch of those foods – you can imagine this as well.

And having gone through this in your mind, you have directed your Mind Power to help you to achieve, in a realistic way, the goal that you desire.

You have planted the right thoughts in your mind, and generally, whatever goes INTO the mind, will come out in some form or other.