You need to discover the original purpose of the habitual behavior. What perceived need did that behavior attempt, however inadequately, to meet and satisfy? And then you need to discover whether that need is still there. If it is not, the behavior can be dropped, as it is no longer required. If it is, you need to explore what new, more appropriate, behavior might meet that need as, or even more, effectively.

We understand that habits – both good and bad – are usually established unconsciously, and operate unconsciously. Therefore will power is often insufficient to bring about changes in long established behaviors. If you want to get someone to stop carrying out a compulsive behavior such as hair pulling, or nail biting, or whatever, change needs to take place at a much deeper level than just the conscious realization that biting your nails isn’t a nice thing to do.

Breaking Bad Habits
Digital Detox
Drink Less Wine
Excessive Blinking
Eyelash / Eyebrow Pulling
Hair Pulling
Lip Biting
Overcome Ice Chewing Addiction
Stop Cheek Biting
Stop Chewing Gum
Stop Impulse Buying
Stop Jaw Clenching
Stop Nail Biting
Stop Nervous Smiling
Stop Nose Picking
Stop Scratching
Stop Skin Picking
Stop Thumb Sucking

As you relax in profound trance, you will effortlessly absorb a new, powerful, hypnotically generated pattern making process and put it directly to use in your inner core – where your instinctive behavior patterns are created and embedded. You can use this process to deal with a single problem pattern or any number of unwanted behaviors, allowing yourself to become more of who you really want to be.