WHY did I choose the body that I have?
WHY did I choose my present family?
WHAT is my life purpose?
WHAT are my life lessons?
WHY have I chosen this life script?
HOW can I ensure I live a fulfilling life for my soul?

Did you always had questions like these? But no answers?

Then we might have all the answers — in Regression to Life Between Lives (LBL) stages. It is a powerful and advance PLR technique to access the planning stage of your present lifetime.

To know exactly why you chose the fate you have. The reason behind the choice of every family member, every important loved one, ally and opponent including their karmic antecedent. You also get to decipher the life lessons embedded in the story-line of your life and also its birth coordinates. You will find out why you chose the body that you have by accessing the body selection stage.

Also known as Spiritual Regression, LBL gives the entire story of your journey, a spiritual perspective; freeing you from the victim’s perspective that life’s hardships may have pushed you into. Life purpose is not your career, though sometimes it can be a part of it.

Connect with your spirit guides and wise ones of the heaven. A series of deep-guided meditations take you to the time right before you entered your mother’s womb revealing the planning that went behind the life that you have. You will get to the “Prarabdha karma”: one has to clear it in this life…so that your journey ahead can be crystal clear!

Post-session, you will have a clear idea of why you chose this body, family, social and economic background and life script.

With a clear understanding of your life’s script, you will be equipped to handle your life in a much better way.

“Your soul knows the geography of your destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future, therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself. If you do, it will take you where you need to go, but more important it will teach you a kindness of rhythm in your journey.”

― John O’Donohue

Step-by-step Guide to LBL

In LBL regression, we first visit immediate past life. Then we follow the soul’s natural journey, post transmigration of the soul. Important step is visiting the Life review period with Spirit guides, where we find our unfinished lessons.

This leads us to the all-important meeting with Council of guides, where the script and themes of current life was decided. A lot of deliberation and negotiation happens here as we integrate unfinished lessons to our script.

Then we meet our Soul group members. Key people in your life script. Why we chose them, what mutual lessons and what karma are clearing them or pattern. Many such questions get answered.

Another key segment will be Body selection. Why you chose the body that you did. If any aliment comes as a life lesson.

There are many such exciting areas to explore in the heavens and integrate with our soul’s wisdom.


  • Since the realm of the subconscious is not accessible to all. Only those who have successfully experienced at least one Past life regression (PLR) session previously are eligible.
  • The revelations during LBL depend on our readiness to change, our self-awareness and self-exploration capacity. Secondly, only what we are ready to receive is revealed by guides. LBL is not about future projections, rather Spiritual growth. Often when people repeat LBL say after 2-3 years of inner work, deep meanings are revealed by Spirit guides.
  • Often when people repeat LBL session after a few years, they found greater clarity regarding life purpose.
  • Guides also help realign our path again to our life purpose and its lesson.


  • Visiting various stages of life planning.
  • Visiting the immediate Past Life
  • Get to visit the heavens
  • Meet the Council of heaven and Spirit guides
  • Meet your Soul Group
  • Know exactly you chose your current life script and body.
  • Life purpose and Life lessons
  • Life lessons with your family, friends and even enemies


  • Know the answers to your life questions
  • Clarity in life purpose and life lessons
  • Understand your body and its lessons
  • Understand your relationship issues and lessons
  • Speed up your spiritual growth

Duration: Single session: approx. 2 hours. We normally split into two Sessions for LBL to make it easy for you. Session 1 we explore immediate past life, and Session 2 entire pre-birth LBL phase.

Important Note: Since LBL is advance PLR session, unlike the LBL workshop, prior to the session you need to have done successful PLR session and seen immediate or any past life. This would help us acertain that your subconscious mind is accessible or not.

In case you haven’t done a successful PLR session. We would recommend you first experience a PLR session, with us or with anyone. Fee R1600. Followed by an LBL session as mentioned above.

Suggested reading: Journey of the Soul by Dr Michael Newton

How to prepare for your LBL session

  • Write out your intention/s behind undergoing an LBL session
  • Daily relaxation meditations are advised a week prior
  • Write out your biography, mentioning key events
  • List out key people in your script, especially people you have had difficult experiences or relationship with.
  • hare the list with therapist on session day.
  • List out the questions you have about life script. Though your guides might answer only what feel is suitable.
  • The session is preceded by a brief discussion over about these points.

NOTE: We can only take up clients, whom our Spirit guides allow us to work with. Some clients are meant to work with others, with whom their energies align better. Universe wants what’s best for you.

So whenever you approach us for healing, please first send your name, age and recent photograph, so we can check with our guides, if we can proceed with your case. Once you send us the basic information required, we will inform you within a day or two maximum, as we understand your time is also precious.