There are five types of porn addicts. By learning how to identify each of the five types of porn addiction, you will gain a better understanding of recovering from pornography.


The definition of porn addiction. What is it?

Porn addiction is a form of sex addiction. To define it, we need to talk about pornography first. Porn is one of those “you know it when you see it” kind of things. It can be roughly defined as sexually explicit or arousing images, written works, or other materials which are based in sexual content or subject matter.

Like sex addiction, the addictive component in porn addiction occurs when it is used to medicate past trauma, seeking chemical highs, escaping from reality, and other similar circumstances.

You might be addicted to porn. Who isn’t right? Millions of people are porn addicts spending billions of dollars a month on their drug of choice – pornography. However, most people trying to find help do not know what type of porn addict they are or even more what to do about it.


This type of porn addict is literally taking the highest level of endorphins and opiates that sex gives and attaching them to the object of pornography instead of a real person. These endorphins and opiates are like “brain cookies.” They give your brain a release of chemicals which make you feel good and block your pain receptors.

The highest chemical releases your body produces is an orgasm. You attach to what you look at during your orgasm. Simple right? Remember Pavlov’s dog? Ring the bell, feed the dog. Porn is the bell and you are the dog. You taught your brain to salivate, hunger for, and desire porn. You did this and the good news is you can stop it as well. I have stopped being Pavlov’s dog for over thirty years.


This type of porn addict has an honest-to-God chemical imbalance in their brain. It can be a chemically based depression, manic depression, any bipolar disorder, or cyclothymic disorder. If you think you might have one of these conditions, Google these terms for more information.

Here are this person’s plight and experience. They have this brain imbalance as a teen. They don’t know it. They find porn and masturbation. The chemical release of an orgasm makes them feel balanced, better, or able to sleep. They found a medicine for their brain problem. Then wham! They become Pavlov’s porn dog and the medicine becomes the addiction. The addiction becomes the problem.


This type of porn addict was abandoned, abused, neglected, raped, sexually used, bullied, felt unworthy, unloved, and/or experienced other negative events like their parents divorcing growing up. These experiences create legitimate soul pain. When the soul is in pain, it’s no different than a toothache. This emotional toothache wants medicine. This adolescent person finds the fantasy world of being wanted, desired, powerful, adopted, and loved by the fantasy world and pornography.

The porn makes love to your soul. Your soul feels safe, secure, loved, and wanted. This escape through the portal of porn is desired. Who doesn’t want to feel wanted and have an orgasm at the same time – right!?

You not only become Pavlov’s porn dog salivating but sedated repeatedly, calm in your soul. Porn becomes your lover, friend, confidant, and your “safe place.” Again your soul “medicine” becomes an addiction and the addiction becomes the problem.


This type of porn addict is trickier. You may have never told anyone that you were sexually abused on or used as a sex object by someone multiple times. This sexual trauma set up some serious issues in your life. However, all sex feels good, and you still give chemically to the perpetration or acts of the perpetration.

Your porn themes will generally revolve around the same themes of your sexual abuse. If the perpetrator was older, you will want older porn. Your porn re-engagement is the way you avoid addressing and medicate the sexual abuse. The porn is a part of your addiction. Again, the medicine becomes the problem.


This type of porn addict has challenges in near relationships of the romantic or marriage type. They are closed off emotionally to their spouse or significant others.

They are too busy for the other person and blame them for problems in the relationship. They can also withhold love, praise, sexuality, and even sex or are disconnected during sex. They can also be controlling, angry, or silent in the relationship. They usually can’t accept they are wrong and their spouse or significant other feels like a roommate. If this sounds like you, you struggle with intimacy anorexia.

Here the porn addict is so attached to the other world of porn and fantasy that their intimacy with a real person who doesn’t worship you 24/7 is a challenge. The avoidance of the real and preference for the unreal is at the core of the avoidance porn addict.

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