Be Positive & Learn to Love Yourself Affirmations

Here is a list of all the affirmations – Be Positive & Learn to Love Yourself:

I have so much to offer this world

I am an amazing person

I always focus on positive thoughts

I am proud of who I am

In this moment right now, I feel wonderful

People like me because I am a nice person

I always treat myself with love and respect

I look for the positives in every situation

I am so happy and content

I have the confidence to achieve anything

I love myself just the way I am

I am in total control of my life

I am feeling so peaceful and calm

In this moment right now, I feel so good

My self-esteem is growing stronger every day

Every day that goes by, I become even happier

I feel good about myself

I embrace every day

I have a bright future ahead of me

I have complete belief in myself

I can achieve anything I set my mind to

My happiness grows stronger every day

I love myself unconditionally

I feel so good right now

I am an incredible person

I am so excited about the future

I love the way I look

I look great

I am full of confidence

I have so many amazing qualities

I am in complete control of what happens in my life

I feel good about everything

Each day is filled with wonderful opportunities

When I look in the mirror, I feel happy

I am able to relax easily

I let myself rest

I am loved

I am a beautiful person

I am safe and protected

This is my time to feel good

I am a confident person, and I can do anything I want to do

I am a good person and people respect me

People enjoy my company because I am a happy person

I am in total control of my emotions

I am beautiful on the inside as well as the outside

I always focus on happy thoughts

I am aware of all the beauty in the world

Every day is full of possibilities

My life is an incredible gift

I am a positive person

I am perfect just the way I am

I love being me