Crown Chakra Affirmations Master List

  1. “I am divine”
  2. “I trust my guidance by my divine.”
  3. “I see the divine light in everyone.”
  4. “My spiritual insight is clear.”
  5. “I am open to abundance and greatness the universe offers.”
  6. “I accept all that comes into my day with trust and selflessness”
  7. “I am selfless”
  8. “I honour all others.”
  9. “Life will bring me many wonders today.”
  10. “Today will bring me enthusiasm.”
  11. “My crown chakra projects inspiration.”
  12. “I always trust and follow my intuition.”
  13. “I am”
  14. “I am at ease.”
  15. “I am at peace.”
  16. “I am enlightened.”
  17. “I know.”
  18. “I am connected”
  19. “I understand”
  20. “I am light”
  21. “I am divine”
  22. “I am being of light and love.”
  23. “I am divinely guided and inspired.”
  24. “I am at one with the universe.”
  25. “I live my life through my higher self.”
  26. “I go beyond my limiting beliefs.”
  27. “I accept myself totally”
  28. “I honour my body as the temple.”
  29. “I am divinely guided and inspired.”
  30. “I am infinite and boundless”
  31. “I am connected to my higher self.”
  32. “I am spiritual truth”
  33. “I am perfect the way that God created me”
  34. “I am love”
  35. “I am part of the divine”
  36. “I honour the divine within me”
  37. “I seek to understand.”
  38. “I cherish my spirit.”
  39. “I seek an experience that nourishes my spirit.”
  40. “I trust my intuition.”
  41. “I am open to letting go of my attachment.”
  42. “I live in the present moment.”
  43. “I am open to divine”
  44. “I am open to divine wisdom.”
  45. “I know that all is well”
  46. “My life moves with grace.”
  47. “I am you and you are me.”
  48. “My life moves with grace.”
  49. “My core is love and compassion.”
  50. “Namaste.”

Crown Chakra Affirmations