The problems of past lives manifest in many ways. Often, just going back and seeing the cause becomes the cure.

Check out these examples:

A patient came for therapy with a severe pain in her right shoulder. The medical community could not find anything wrong with her, nor could they provide her with any lasting relief from the pain. Eventually, a friend of hers suggested that the pain may be present as a result of something that happened to her in a past life. Desperate to get the pain sorted out, she came for PLR hypnotherapy.

She entered into a life in which she was a Native American. Her village was attacked by a rival tribe, and during the onslaught, she was shot in her right shoulder by an arrow. She didn’t die from the arrow but from an infection that set in afterwards. She carried the pain of the wound and the infection into her current life.

During a PLR session, she floated out of her body and laid her spirit hands over the wound in her shoulder. When she removed them, the wound had healed. When she came out of trance she reported that the pain she had been experiencing in her shoulder had finally gone.

A man came to see us because he didn’t feel ‘grounded’ (his words) in his life. He had a strong belief in reincarnation and sensed that his feelings came from an event in a past life.

When he visited the relevant life in Tibet, he found that he had met a violent end and that his body had been left unburied. He immediately made the connection between his not feeling ‘grounded’, and the fact that his body had not been put into the ‘ground’ after his death.

In his spirit form, this unburied Tibetan found his sister from that life, and guided her to his body. She picked it up (she was very strong!) and carried it up a mountain and buried it beneath a tree near their village.

Several days after this session he called to say that he felt so much better, more grounded and able to concentrate on the important things in his life.

A patient came for therapy who had very strong feelings of frustration that she couldn’t pin to anything specific. She visited a past life where she was a wealthy landowner in Edwardian England (and very surprised to find that she was male). She’d had a good life and had died very peace-fully, but unexpectedly, in her sleep. Unfortunately, prior to her death, she had a very nasty and prolonged argument with her best friend that resulted in their not talking to each other anymore. She recognized that she was to blame for the argument and decided to make amends and apologize.

Unfortunately, she came to this decision on the night the Grim Reaper came a-calling and she never got the opportunity. She expressed an incredible sense of frustration over the fact that she had died with all that bad feeling between them.

In her spirit form, she was able to visit her friend as he dreamt and, after several lengthy dream conversations, was able to give her apology and have it accepted. She then left that life with a sense of freedom and lightness. She subsequently went on to leave her boyfriend and her job, go on the holiday of a lifetime, and returned to enter a career she had always wanted to be in, but had been afraid to try. Who says hypnotherapy doesn’t change your life for the better?