Foster a deep respect for the body and get help to outgrow this bad habit.

Compulsive nail picking is a bad habit that leaves visible proof behind. Many people are embarrassed of their compulsion and struggle to control it.

The Stop Nail Picking Hypnosis Session was put together to help you make a positive, lasting change in their lives by dropping this habit.

A brief pre-talk prepares you for the work ahead. The unconscious nature of the habit is discussed, as is the primary motivation for nail picking – letting go of stress and tension.

We will assured you that hypnosis is an effective and natural way to stop the nail picking. Consciously trying to stop a repeating behavioral pattern rarely succeeds, but hypnosis is presented as a process that will short-circuit the problem at its root, producing a natural stop to the behaviour.

The induction begins with a progressive body relaxation that guides you through the process of releasing tension in their face, shoulders, hands, and feet. You are led to imagine yourselves floating on “waves of comfort” as they recall a memory from a happy and comfortable time in your life.

You will then merge into that memory, re-experiencing senses and feelings from that time. You are directed to notice what it was that made them feel able to “let go completely” during that time, before embedded commands deepen your relaxation.

The trancework begins with a discussion of habits. You are reminded that you outgrown many habits throughout in your life. Examples show how, when a behaviour no longer suits us, we are able to naturally and instinctively stop it. You are then assured that your mind is excellent at updating itself with new, better ways of doing things.

Now, nail picking is addressed head on. You are then asked to get a sense of how it will feel to treat their fingernails, described as a loyal and important part of their body, with the respect they deserve. You are led to imagine a “deep appreciation” imbuing your nails that grows with every exhalation.

Your focus is shifted to recall how it felt when “some of that old tension” crept into their hands and the urge to pick their nails bubbled up. After sitting with this feeling, you are then guided to drift outside of yourselves and watch themselves deal with that tension by taking three deep, slow breaths. You are reminded you will always have the ability to do this.

As you breath, embedded commands guide their thoughts to become calmer, more supportive, and more encouraging. Repetitive language anchors this phrasing in their subconscious, and you are then instructed to feel the resulting sense of calm imbuing their hands and nails.

From this place of deep calm, it is suggested that the hands may experience a “heavy reluctance” to sabotage the nails, because you are a “loyal part of the team.” You are  then encouraged to feel this heavy, statue-like stillness in your hands, forearms, and fingers now, and any time the thought of damaging the nails might come to mind.

Again, you are asked to feel “that old pressure” that previously led to nail picking, to concentrate on how they used to feel in the moments before the picking began. Now, you are led to drift outside of themselves and again watch themselves calm down and “come to your senses.” Instead of picking, they stretch, breathe, and release their tension in a way that’s “respectful to the body” and better eases their tension.

You are then brought forward into the future, where you dwell in the feeling of having had healthy nails for years. In this future, you have fully incorporated this positive change into your lives to the point that it’s second nature. Their old habit feels far away, just like the childhood habits they’ve long since outgrown.

A fable is told in which a child outgrows their shoes and finds great relief in taking them off. As an adult, you barely remember the shoes at all, because they’ve been irrelevant for such a long time. It is directly acknowledged that this is how the unconscious mind works: it can “easily and naturally” make positive changes at every stage of life.

You are then gently encouraged to discover that they are no longer a person who picks their nails. You have abandoned that behaviour pattern “for good.”

You are then led to imagine a day in their future, including specific details like conversations and lunchtime, with a “good feeling of calm self-respect” in their hands and fingers. Embedded commands remind them to “have a breather” and “rest and recharge” whenever they need.

After a long pause, you are then guided to recognize that their old behavioural pattern has been replaced by “the space and the calm” for their nails to be given respect and appreciation.

Embedded commands instruct them to integrate this change at the very deepest level.

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