Many of us have little compulsive habits of one kind or another, and most of these are harmless and of no particular consequence.

However, a habit of picking your nose can cause both physical harm and severe social embarrassment.

It’s not clear why people select picking their nose instead of pulling their hair (for example). But whatever habit becomes established, it serves the purpose of providing a feeling of relief. This ‘reward’ is what fixes such habits in place.

Because such patterns establish themselves unconsciously, it is difficult to overcome them with will power alone.

Our Stop Picking Your Nose Hypnosis Sessions has been created to help anyone who wishes to rid themselves of this undesirable compulsion.

The pre-talk explains how nose picking and similar habits work and why hypnosis is so effective as a tool for changing unconscious behaviour.

Our induction takes you through a gentle process of relaxation and dissociation, quietening their conscious mind and activating the creative power of the unconscious.

You are then taught how to use their imagination to change reality, repeatedly experiencing the desired state of affairs until it feels normal and natural to leave their nose to get on with the important business of breathing in peace.

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