Here is a list of affirmations for you to Maintaining Perseverance and Developing your Resilience.

  1. I can overcome my obstacles
  2. I am creative
  3. I am resourceful
  4. I am resilient
  5. I am emotionally resilient
  6. I am strong
  7. I am persistent
  8. I am kind, smart, and important
  9. It’s okay. I can do this
  10. I will get through this
  11. I will be okay
  12. I am capable of amazing things
  13. I am a good person
  14. I deserve to be happy
  15. I am stronger than I think
  16. I am amazing
  17. I can do anything I set my mind to
  18. I will keep going
  19. Do not give up
  20. Keep moving forward
  21. I can handle change with ease
  22. I am unique
  23. I believe in my abilities and skills
  24. I can face every situation with confidence
  25. There is always a solution to every problem
  26. I am responsible for how I respond to others
  27. I have the power to choose to let go of any emotion
  28. Any difficulty that comes my way is an opportunity to grow
  29. I am full of energy and joy
  30. I have the power to create change
  31. My possibilities are endless
  32. I am in charge of how I feel
  33. I choose happiness
  34. I can, I will
  35. I can make healthy choices