Hypnosis will re-frame the subconscious thinking patterns that control your daily life. Some of these automatic patterns are necessary for survival, but there are many that can have a negative impact.

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Virtually any pattern driven by subconscious thinking, can be reversed or improved using hypnosis.

In particular, hypnotherapy can help you overcome:

Compulsions – Deep rooted in subconscious thinking patterns, like overeating or procrastination. Often, we associate overeating with rewards or punishment. Hypnotherapy helps to identify these negative associations and develop strategies for overcoming them.

Phobias – e.g. claustrophobia, flying, dentists or spiders – phobias can control our lives. Yet, often they’re the result of automatic thinking that has hijacked our conscious thought processes. Hypnosis provides a means for quieting these thoughts and replacing them with new more helpful associations.

Addictive behaviors – Over time, our subconscious mind can transform. Smokers, for instance, have specific rituals, i.e. smoking while driving or smoking after eating, that activate subconscious thoughts and reinforce the craving. Through suggestion therapy, hypnosis helps us begin to untangle and reframe these automatic thoughts.

Depression and anxiety – Subconscious thoughts control more than you realize, and the result is that voice in your head becomes a feedback loops of negativity. Hypnotherapy helps isolate root causes, and provide strategies to help quiet these negative thinking patterns.

Stressfulness – This is a poison on the body, and it causes a number of adverse effects, including weight gain, hypertension, depression, anxiety and rage. Mastering this pressure, helps us live happier and stress-free lives. Yet, this is amplified by our subconscious thoughts. Therefore, through hypnosis, we can begin gain a firmer grasp by reducing the number of stressors in our lives.

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