There is a quiet revolution happening. Neuroscientists, surgeons, clinical psychologists, therapists, and experts in many fields are discovering facts about the mind and body that exalts the ancient wisdom.

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Day after day discoveries in all fields of science provides new evidence of the incredible capability of the mind to change the body and realities beyond ourselves.

We are collectively concluding that thought changes brain and body. Hundreds of documented cases dramatize how the power of our mind when correctly guided can tap into the divine energy that improves health, changes in personality, and enhancements in talents and abilities.

Understanding how the mind works and its ability to perform the miraculous can transform the introvert to an outgoing inspiring personality, the self-absorbed egomaniac to a benevolent saint, and the incompetent failure to the picture of success.

The most significant discovery to emerge in recent decades is that an image held in the brain produces change, but it has a dark side.

Most people are unaware that they have a well-defined image of themselves and life. Unbeknownst to them, the details of this inner structure determine their character, how they interact with others, how they react to situations, and ultimately the quality of their life.

Past experiences and adopted psychology make the substance of the inner reality. It is responsible for much of our feelings and emotions and can propel us through life with misery or success.

This “mental blueprint” maneuvers the levers of our personality in subtle ways. More often than not it operates subconsciously without the host’s knowledge. These engrained beliefs conceive our personality and form beliefs many of which are false and limit our potential.

The construction of the mental-self starts at childhood. From an early age, we begin to form images of ourselves which can last a lifetime. The truth of that self-image is so real that we act upon it and sometimes verify it with results.

The first step in changing your life is to become aware that you have a subconscious thought-pattern which you just did by reading this the last paragraph.

The next step is to become aware that no matter how hard you try a new thing the results will always line up with your mental image.

In my earlier years, I met a man working at a prominent dealership in Colorado Springs. No matter how great an opportunity presented to him, failure would almost always seem to follow.

A few years later another man joined our team of salesmen. He had no background in sales and knew very little about financing automobiles. He was a trucker who was tired of life on the road. He wanted more time and money to enjoy life with his family.

He gave up his position in trucking and joined our team of salespeople. In my conversations with him, I noticed he new very little about the automotive industry. He seemed bewildered at what he had to learn. Something struck me about this man. It was his eyes. I could see he had an absolute clarity and sense of focus. I didn’t know what this man held in mind, but I could sense a quiet determination. A certain trueness, if you will.

Within six months the former trucker was at the top of the sales board competing with the pros. We were all astounded at the rapid rise. Within a year the man was offered a sales manager position. He took the offer and went to become general sales manager of more than forty salespeople.

As I reflected on past conversations, I became aware of two things. The man continually verbalized his resolution to be the highest producing salesperson in the company. As the months past his resolve became more evident and was expressed in his mannerism, the words he spoke, and the tone of his voice.

Another quality I noticed was his passion. The man had passion. He had an intensity that would knock out defeatism. I overheard a conversation between him and another salesperson who was known for his negativity. The former trucker rebutted each negative remark hurled from the negative thinker with positive, optimistic statements, and he did it with vigor.

There is nothing, short of grave illness, that can stop a man or woman who has conjured in mind the reality of a definite purpose. They color it with feelings and emotions until it becomes a heat stoked fire which burns through all negativity and doubtful possibilities. To them, it is a reality that moves all the energies of mind and body.

The power of your mind works in reverse as well. Insecurities over low grades at school or a romantic date that might go sour can empower adverse outcomes through anxious energy, negative anticipation, and nervousness.

The beauty of this embedded mechanism in our brain is that it provides proof to your mental image. You can use this God-given device to your advantage. You can intentionally change the image of your personality with positive empowering thoughts that support love, joy, gratitude, faith, and peace. Once you understand the concept, you can gain a sense of ease, confidence, and calm-power. These attributes will overtake your thought-life which are further reinforced by the results.

In 1998, and subsequently in 2008, Dr. Barbara L. Fredrickson, professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina, noted in two studies she conducted that focusing on love during the relaxed state of meditation produced positive emotions while reducing depressive states.

In other words, a person that visualizes being loved and loving others can tear apart the drudgery of depression and anxiety.

In a different study conducted by the University of California in San Francisco scientists discovered how peaceful meditation centered around love and kind feelings toward others preserved telomeres, a genetic cap that keeps us young.

Another significant discovery observed by the scientists is that nervousness, anxiousness, or stressful energy cause our telomeres to disintegrate more quickly.

Today we have conclusive evidence that God’s first and second most important commandments to love keep us mentally and physically healthy.

You can change your self-image at any age. Numerous studies have shown that a person can change regardless of age. A person is neither too young or too old to create positive lasting improvements.

The notion is that we can externally adopt a philosophy, or a positive thinking method and expect change is ill-conceived. The formula is akin to trying to transform a plant from its leaves. If you want to change a plant, you start with the seed until you get the desired specimen.

Countless millions are led down the path of hopeful promises only to find that the journey is fruitless. Addressing an external issue like getting a house with an affirmation like, “I will get that house” doesn’t address the underlying issue that caused the first doubt.

In a similar message, Jesus warned followers not to put a new patch on an old garment otherwise it’ll shrink and tear the old garment. Likewise, He advised not to put new wine into old wineskins otherwise they will break, and the wine will be lost. (Matthew 9:16-17)

What Jesus eludes to is the fact you cannot add a new philosophy on top the old. If we ignore, the wisdom of the Bible and try to add new principles over old nonaligned principles failure will ensue.

Taking the examples from Jesus of not putting a new piece of cloth on an old garment, but to instead sew a new piece of cloth on a new garment is precisely how we need to look at the miracle method.

If you change the workings of your personality, the exterior assets of your character will express faith, hope, love, confidence, and power. Then all things will be possible for you.

The meaning of Jesus’ teaching reveals another profound truth. The old garment will not accept new cloth, and the old wineskin will not receive fresh wine. If the old cloth and old wineskin represent your subconscious image and the new elements in the story represent new ideology, then Jesus is saying that the concepts you hold true deep inside will reject any new thought you try on.

The psychology is sound and proven many times. Our subconscious mind cannot accept something opposite to its nature. It’s that simple.

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