Yes, you can reprogram the subconscious mind. All of us got programmed when we were very young. Almost all of that early life programming is no longer relevant. Take control Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind because 95 percent of your life comes from the subconscious program.

I hope you understand the importance of ridding your subconscious mind of negative beliefs and self-images, and replacing them with positive beliefs and self-images. But how do you do that?

There are actually a number of methods for reprogramming the subconscious mind, but the approach I’m going to share with you in this book is what I believe to be the simplest and most direct method of reprogramming your subconscious mind.

In fact, this process is so simple, you may be tempted to think it won’t work. But I can tell you from personal experience… this works! And if you have any doubts that it will work, I have two words of advice for you… TRY IT.

Try it for six months, and then compare your life at the end of that six month period to what your life is like right now. Once you do that, I’m confident you’ll be a believer in the process. This approach involves developing a series of positive affirmations (utilizing your “conscious” mind), writing those affirmations down on paper, and then going through a deliberate process to imbed those affirmations in your subconscious mind.

As your new affirmations are accepted by your subconscious mind, they replace the old negative beliefs previously held by your subconscious mind. And as this happens, your reality will begin to change to match the new self-image held by the subconscious mind.

Remember, your reality will ultimately match the subconscious image you have of yourself.

Now, let’s take a look at the
The first thing you want to do is sit
down with a pencil and a pad of paper,
and start designing the life you want. The
way you do that is by writing down a
series of affirmations that describe you
and your life “exactly as you want it to
You can include all aspects of
your life… your finances, your health,
your relationships, your charitable
giving, your spirituality, the home you
live in, the car you drive, your lifestyle,
being a loving and giving person, how
much you travel, where you travel, your
career, and on and on.
In other words, design your life
exactly as you want it to be.
How many affirmations should you
write down? There’s no magic number,
but I’m going to suggest that you start
with about a dozen. I recommend this
number because it’s a large enough
number to enable you to address several
aspects of your life… but it’s also a
small enough number that you can pretty
easily commit the affirmations to
memory, which will prove helpful, as
you will see.
I don’t want to try to create your
affirmations for you, because they need
to come from you. But sometimes people
have trouble getting started with this
process. So let me give you some
example affirmations to get your creative
juices flowing.

Some examples might be:

– I own a successful business.
– I travel extensively to wonderful destinations.
– I live in my dream home.
– I own a beautiful houseboat.
– I am blessed with a wonderful family.
– I have a happy and successful marriage.
– I am a loving wife (husband).
– I am a loving mother (father).
– Money flows naturally to me in abundance.
– I have more than enough money.
– I give generously to worthwhile charities.
– I am blessed with excellent health.
– My immune system keeps me in a state of constant wellness.
– I enjoy exercise.
– I easily maintain my perfect weight.
– I enjoy eating healthy foods
– I have an abundance of friends.
– I am kind, loving and compassionate.
– I am a dedicated and loyal friend.
– I am filled with love and compassion for others.
– I am deeply loved by my family and friends.
– I bring happiness to others.

Those are just some examples.

The key is to design the life that YOU want and to create the person that YOU want to be.

But even though affirmations listed
above are just examples, I want you to
notice two important things about them.
First, they are all in the present
tense. Always write your affirmations in
the present tense, as if you have already
achieved them. The subconscious mind
only lives in the present tense, so your
affirmations MUST be phrased in the
present tense. If your goal is to write a
book, you might say “I am a bestselling
author”, rather than “I will write a book
next year.”

Second, they are all “positive”.

Negative words should not be included
in your affirmations. Some psychologists
believe that the subconscious mind
doesn’t see or hear negative words like
“not”. So if you say “I am not afraid”,
your subconscious mind may hear that as
“I am afraid”. So instead, say something
positive like “I am confident and

Don’t worry if it takes some time
to come up with your list. It’s okay to
spend several days writing and refining
your list of affirmations. The process of
coming up with your affirmations is a
powerful process in its own right,
because it requires you to decide what
you really want your life to look like.

It’s also okay to revise your list
from time to time. In fact, that’s probably
a good sign that the process is working,
because it means you are gaining greater
clarity on exactly what you want in life.

If you find that one of your affirmations
no longer rings true for you, simply
remove it or revise it. And add new ones
whenever you want to.

Now, once you have developed
your list of affirmations, what do you do
with it?

This is where it gets really
exciting, because now you begin the
process of imbedding these affirmations
in your subconscious mind.

And here’s how you do it…

Twice a day, simply relax, clear
your mind, and focus on the affirmations
on your list. Visualize yourself as
already having these traits and already
having achieved these goals. See
yourself in action doing those activities
and being that person.

It’s up to you to decide when you
spend time with your list, but it’s often
been said that first thing in the morning
and just before you go to sleep at night
are two excellent times, because the
subconscious seems to be particularly
receptive to new suggestions during
those times.

Regardless of when you do it, it’s
important to put yourself in a very
relaxed state when you review your
affirmations, because relaxation opens
the door to the subconscious mind. When
you quiet your mind and relax, the
thoughts and images you focus on sink
down into the subconscious mind.

So here’s what you want to do…

Twice a day, find a comfortable,
quiet spot. It can be sitting down or lying
down, whichever you prefer. (It can
even be in bed late at night and first
thing in the morning.) Until you have
your affirmations memorized, it may
make more sense to be sitting up,
because you’ll probably need to read
your affirmations, and that’s easier to do
when sitting. But eventually, you’ll
commit your affirmations to memory, and
reading won’t be necessary.

Once you get in a comfortable
position, take a few deep breaths. Really
focus on slow, deep exhales. With each
exhale, consciously relax every muscle
in your body. Allow your body to go a
bit limp. After you take that last deep
breath, spend a few seconds to really
focus on relaxing the muscles in your

Once you feel totally relaxed,
simply begin reciting your affirmations.

You can say them out loud, or you can
simply say them silently in your mind.
You can read them with your eyes open,
or you can close your eyes and recite
them from memory.

As you recite each affirmation,
you also want to visualize each
affirmation as being already true. Create
a visual image in your mind of yourself
as already having these traits and having
achieved these goals. This visualization
is critical to the success of the process.
Your subconscious mind doesn’t know
real from imagined. It will accept as real
the things you visualize, so let your
imagination really run free as you
visualize your affirmations.

You should also elaborate on the
wording of each affirmation, and add as
much detail as needed to really “feel” it.
You want the affirmation to elicit an
emotional response. It’s not enough to
say it… you want to feel it! The
subconscious is the emotional part of
your mind, so you must use emotion
when programming your subconscious

For example, if your written
affirmation is “I live in my dream
home”, feel free to add more detail as
you recite it, and say something like, “I
live in my dream home overlooking the
ocean. It brings me great happiness to
sit on my balcony and watch the waves
crash in on the shore and to smell the
ocean air.”

And as you say these words,
create a mental picture. See yourself
sitting on the balcony of your dream
home overlooking the ocean and
watching the waves roll in, and smelling
the ocean air.

Let’s look at another example…
Suppose you have a written
affirmation that says “I successfully run
a marathon”. You might add some detail
as you recite it, and say something like
“I feel exhilarated as I cross the finish
line of the marathon. My friends and
family are there cheering me on for this

And as you recite the words,
visualize yourself crossing the finish line
with your hands raised in the air, and
your friends and family standing there
cheering for you. Feel the excitement
and the sense of accomplishment.
By adding the visualization, detail
and emotion to your affirmation, you
supercharge your affirmation. This
dramatically increases the speed and
effectiveness with which the affirmation
is imbedded in your subconscious mind.

After you have finished going
through your affirmations, simply take a
deep breath, open your eyes, and go
about your business. (Or if it’s bedtime,
you can simply drift off to sleep after
you complete your review of your

There is no set amount of time to
spend each time you do this process.
Sometimes you’ll do it very quickly, in
just a couple of minutes, and other times
you’ll get deeply involved in the process
and spend several minutes or maybe half
hour on it. It’s up to you. Do what feels
right to you each time.

Get in the habit of doing this a
couple of times a day. Make it a part of
your daily routine, just like brushing
your teeth and eating your meals. It just
simply becomes something you do each
day. This is important because of the
principle of repetition. When
programming the subconscious mind, it
is necessary to repeat the conditioning
often until the new belief is totally
accepted by the subconscious mind.

It is critical that you stick with the
process until your affirmations are
totally accepted by the subconscious
mind. That’s because the subconscious
mind cannot hold two competing beliefs
at the same time.

For example, your subconscious
mind will either believe that you are
intelligent or that you are unintelligent. It
will not accept both. So if your past
programming has implanted the belief
that you are unintelligent, that’s what
your subconscious mind will believe
until you override that belief and implant
your subconscious mind with the belief
that you are intelligent. Once the
subconscious mind accepts the new
belief, it will begin acting according to
the new belief.

Once you start the process of
reprogramming your subconscious mind,
some inexplicable changes will begin to
take place in your life. These changes
sometimes occur quickly and
dramatically, but often they occur slowly
and gradually. In fact, sometimes they
occur so naturally and gradually that you
won’t even notice them as they occur.
But rest assured that the changes are

Here are the kinds of changes you
can expect to see… you will gain more
confidence… you will begin to believe
that you are capable of accomplishing
your goals… you will begin to see
yourself as already being the person you
wish to become… you will begin to take
the action steps necessary to accomplish
your goals.

Keep a positive attitude, even if
results don’t seem to be occurring as
quickly as you want them to. Also, it’s
important to “expect” the changes to
occur in your life. Expectation is a self-fulfilling
prophecy when you give
commands to your subconscious mind.
When the subconscious mind expects
something, it makes that thing happen.

As your subconscious mind
accepts these new beliefs, it’s also
important to take “conscious” steps
toward your goals as well. For instance,
earlier I used the example that one of
your affirmations might be “I
successfully run a marathon.” In this
example, as you embed this affirmation
into your subconscious mind, you would
also want to consciously take the
necessary steps to prepare for a
marathon. You would start researching
marathon races in your area and decide
which one you want to run in. You would
put together a training plan and a
timetable to move you toward this goal.
In this way, your subconscious mind and
conscious mind work together to move
you toward your goals.

So as you follow this process of
imbedding these new beliefs in your
subconscious mind, continually ask
yourself what steps you can be taking on
a conscious basis to move yourself in the
direction of your goals. As you do this,
you will find a renewed confidence that
you can achieve and accomplish every
single one of your affirmations.

Commit to this process for six months, and then take a look at the changes that have occurred in your life.

Once you do this, I think you’ll understand the power of this process.

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