Heart Chakra Healing in 10 Steps

1. Go green.
Green can soothe the hyperactivity in the heart chakra. Go outdoors and surround yourself with nature.

Hike through the forest, or simply sit outside and enjoy the nice day. Even opening a window and letting the fresh air in can give you a good start.

2. Wear green.
Wear green or surround yourself with the color green. Fill your home or office with this color so that you can gently nudge your heart chakra into healing.

3. Let it go.
Learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes that you have committed in the past. Release the blockages in your heart chakra by releasing your resentments from your past hurts.

Find the lesson in every painful experience and let go of what hurts you so that you can begin the process of healing.

Practice self-love and self-respect. Send love and appreciation toward the part of yourself that you always neglect or criticize. Keep doing this and over time, you will build a strong core of self-love!

4. Meditate regularly.
Visualize your heart chakra as a radiant and beautiful green orb that glows with unconditional love.

Imagine all your hurts and disappointments dissolving and healing themselves. Hold on to these images until the hurt disappears and you get back the lightness in your being.

5. Keep a gratitude journal.
Write down at least five things that you feel grateful for at the end of each day. Read what you wrote the previous night when you wake up the following morning.

Breathe the feeling of gratitude in and out of your heart chakra before you start your day. When you are reminded of the fact that you are very blessed, you will live each day mindfully and purposefully.

6. Practice kindness.
Make it a habit to send genuine and loving good wishes to yourself and to other people. When you start the day with kindness, you will be inspired to be kind the whole day, every day.

Be kind to people, even if they don’t deserve your kindness. Just keep paying it forward, and people will realize the value of your gestures sooner rather than later.

7. Engage in activities that make your heart happy.
When you do the things that make you feel alive and inspired, your heart will be happier and more fulfilled each day. All the fears and worries will be dissolved, and you will have more space in your heart for love and other wonderful things.

They don’t need to be big and fancy. These things can be small and simple, or old and forgotten. As long as they make you happy, go all out and make them happen!

8. Focus on giving instead of receiving.
The more you give, the more you will receive. When you give without expecting anything in return, you become blessed a thousandfold!

Give love to people, even when you know they don’t deserve it. The more you love, the more you will realize that your capacity for love is so much bigger.

9. Reflect on old wounds.
Think about your old emotional wounds and how they have changed you as a person. Are you a better person because of them, or are you weaker, sadder, or more negative?

Come to terms with your old wounds with kindness and compassion. Forgive yourself and learn to let go of what weighs heavily in your heart so that you will feel light and free.

Remember that the longer and tighter you hold on to your pain, the more deeply it will hurt and leave a scar on you.

10. Express your gratitude.
Even if it’s in silence, express how grateful you are for something or someone. They make your life worthwhile, so make sure that they know you are thankful for them.

When you acknowledge your blessings and thank the Source, you are blessing yourself with even more blessings!

When you tell the universe how much you appreciate something, it will bless you with more gifts that will make life even more worthwhile.