Why does a behaviour like lip biting which has no purpose and which is actually harmful and even painful become established as a habit?

People who regularly bite and chew their lips are as puzzled as anyone when asked to explain why they do it. They don’t know why. And they often don’t even know that they are biting their lips, unless someone draws their attention to it. It is a completely unconscious behaviour.

And they don’t know how to stop doing it.

This Stop Lip Biting Hypnosis Session has been developed to help people who want to break out of this destructive habit and restore their lips and mouths to health.

The pre-talk explains how a lip biting pattern becomes established and why it can feel so hard to change. It also explains why hypnosis is such a useful tool in breaking out of the trap and prepares the ground for the trance work.

It is unusual, and unusually effective, to place the trance induction in the middle of the trance work rather than at the beginning. This confounds expectation – and dealing with the expectation behind lip biting is the goal.

You are taught how to confound their own expectations and discover how to expect and enjoy a totally different outcome – healthy lips!

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